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At RBIS we celebrate teaching and learning moments that change our lives.

RBIS International School in Bangkok, Thailand

At RBIS we celebrate the teaching and learning moments that change lives. We are an internationally accredited British / International school located in a residential zone in the centre of Bangkok An established and trusted provider of quality education since 1971
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Ami, Year 8 joined in 2022


"VA CA France" Tuesday after school I attended Mr. Le Serre's French club. He explained all the amazing things we will be learning about this term. We began at the very beginning, learning how to say "Bonjour" and "Salut", it was very loud and fun! I really like the fact that I get to learn a new language with my friends and we can practice outside the ECA.

Tinton, Year 9 joined in 2012

My favorite interest:

Due to RBIS I’ve been able to connect with people from diverse origins and RBIS has provided me with the right learning environment and has also allowed my friends to shine , to finish off this I have a Sun Tzu quote to say  “Even the finest sword plunged in saltwater will eventually rust”.

Tobias, Year 10 joined in 2016

My concern of the current world:

I really believe that our cellphones and other devices are distracting us from noticing and fully acknowledging all of the admirable things in our surroundings and loving and caring people around us that would help encourage or inspire us to make significant differences to our world way better than any electronic device out there.

Bianca, Year 10 joined in 2017

What is the meaning of friendship:

Friendship is the most beautiful gift one can give someone. As time passes by, lots of people will walk past, but only some stay… that is friendship.

Bird (graduated) joined in 2010

"RBIS gave me the opportunity to build a solid foundation that will stay with me in my future academic and professional journey...."

Peam, Year 9 joined in 2012

On his future aspiration:

I aspire to be an Astrophysicist because I think the universe is something very important that we haven’t really explored.

Our results speak for themselves

  • IGCSE A* - C Results
    (67.3% in the UK)
    (78.8% in the UK)
    (79.1% in the UK)
    (73% in the UK)
  • A level A* - C Results
    (75.8% in the UK)
    (88% in the UK)
    (88.5% in the UK)
    (98.4% in the UK)
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RBIS English Language Centre



Do you have a school bus?
Yes, please ask for more information.
What are the classes sizes ?
Nursery - maximum is 12 with 4:1 teaching staff and students

Primary - maximum is 20

Secondary - maximum is 20
Does the school provide lunch?
Yes , there is a mid morning snack and a variety of international food buffet lunch. Special food arrangements can be made for students with food allergies
Are all teachers qualified?
Yes, we only qualified and experienced teachers with genuine interest in education. We believe that teachers and students are the most important elements in the school. Teachers play vital role in shaping the future of our children and also instill a love of learning to them.
100% of our graduated students continue their education at the university level. The top 3 popular Thai universities that our students have enrolled for the last 3 years are Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol University and Thammasart University. Some of our students continue their education in UK, USA and in other European countries e.g. Netherland.
Do you require a student to take an English test before enrolment?
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