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ECA Programme
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At RBIS International School we aim to provide the children with outstanding opportunities to develop their skills in a wide range of activities both inside and alongside the curriculum.

We call the extra-curricular activities ‘co-curricular’, as they are as important as the children’s academic studies and our exciting co-curricular programme allows each pupil to reach their full potential no matter where their passions lie.

Whether they come to life on the stage, on the sports field, or in one of our many clubs or activities, we know that they will develop valuable skills which will be transferable beyond their time at school; they will learn how to communicate effectively, how to interact as part of a team and acquire organisational skills.

Research shows that students who participate in some type of co-curricular activity perform better than students who are not involved. There is a strong association between student involvement in additional activities and improved attendance, behavior and academic performance.

Our co-curricular programme provides an excellent opportunity for students to round out their education with activities that may not be typically available during the school day.

Changing every term, our programme ensures that there is a very wide range of sporting, academic and recreational activities on offer; this allows RBIS students to sample many different areas of interest, although many popular activities run throughout each term.

These activities offer a good opportunity to interact with children from other classes, work with other teachers and to have fun learning a new skill while doing something enjoyable.

For Senior students the co-curricular programme provides an ideal opportunity to develop leadership skills.

With activities boosting a young person’s confidence to interact socially with others, extending their social networks and providing them with new skills and abilities, participation in co-curricular activities is vital for the physical and psychological wellbeing so important for a healthy life

The co-curricular programme takes place at lunchtimes and after school; all students are encouraged to select and participate in at least one activity per week.

On-line registration takes place each term and is organised by the Co-curricular Coordinator.

An attendance register is kept of all activities with information included in students termly reports.

We are grateful to our dedicated members of staff who give up many hours in co-curricular activities and we are proud of the numbers of students that participate.


Sample of ECA Programme

The programme will be changed termly