Introduction to our Alumni

At RBIS, we take pride in not only providing a solid academic foundation but also in nurturing the holistic development of our students. While academic achievement is important, we also focus on nurturing human values such as kindness, resilience, and friendship to inspire responsible global citizenship and a meaningful life.

The advantage of being educated in an international school is the unique opportunity to be surrounded by multicultural student environments where they learn to appreciate the differences and similarities between each other. This serves them well when they are adults. All of our alumni successfully immerse themselves in the world as well-balanced adults with confidence in themselves and skills in communicating with others at a great depth of understanding. They can take on the world and its challenges with stride and integrity. The diverse and inclusive culture at RBIS encourages students to embrace different perspectives, fostering a global mindset that proves invaluable in an interconnected world. 

The school has its life, and that is not in the building but in relationships in our close-knit communities. We celebrate each step taken by our students and the progress they make. We are very proud to hear their stories and their journey after leaving us, knowing that we have prepared them to meet the challenges ahead. RBIS does not follow the ‘one size fits all’ approach. Each student matters and is an individual. We believe in nurturing them and helping them discover their own talent. The personalised approach, which for some is almost tailored, means that our students get to where they deserve to be. We work closely with our students and their families to ensure they reach their full potential. We believe in stepping out of one's comfort zone, and many of our students achieve more than they thought possible.   

Our alumni have chosen many professional paths that suit their talents and passions. Some people may consider conventional measures of success, such as test scores, job titles, or fame, as the only things that make us proud of others. However, there are those whose positive attitude, admirable character, and the kind of adults they become make us feel that a school comes to life because of them. We frequently hear from others about the wonderful attributes of our alumni.

As you explore the diverse journeys of our esteemed alumni on this page, you'll uncover inspiring stories of triumph and resilience, revealing the profound impact of their schooling years on shaping their character, values, and professional paths. It is heartening that some return to us as parents, and our connection is even stronger. 

The educational journey at RBIS is more than just a curriculum; it's an immersive experience that fosters a love for learning, critical thinking, and a sense of community. Our dedicated faculty and vibrant extracurricular activities create an environment where students discover their passions, develop leadership skills, and form enduring friendships. These experiences extend beyond the classroom, influencing the personal growth and resilience of our graduates.

In their testimonials, many alumni attribute their successes and ability to overcome challenges to the supportive community they found during their schooling years. The diverse and inclusive culture at RBIS encourages students to embrace different perspectives, fostering a global mindset that proves invaluable in an interconnected world. The challenges faced, lessons learned, and mentorship received during their time here contribute significantly to the well-rounded individuals our alumni become.

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