Headmaster's Welcome

Mr. Timothy Ralph Cooper

The advantages and qualities given by a RBIS education are part of a lifelong journey of learning and come with an expectation that in return each student will take their rightful place as a contributor to the world.

The Mission Statement of RBIS is:

“One moment can change a day,
one day can change a life
and one life can change the world.”

At RBIS we celebrate the teaching and learning moments that change lives.

During their time at RBIS our students develop awareness of the core set of values that are at the heart of who we are and what we do: Honesty and Integrity, Compassion and Generosity, Determination and Resilience. We believe that these are key to being successful in this amazing school and crucial for life in the wider world.

Education at RBIS is a partnership between the individual student, their family, and the school community of academic staff and pastoral care. This partnership provides an education of personal growth and enrichment rarely seen in many schools – the sort of education that is highly sought after in today’s competitive educational marketplace and prized by parents interested in high quality independent education.

To our students we pledge that you will be supported, cared for and nurtured. In return we want you to take an active role in your own education and to take responsibility for it. A RBIS education is not simply something that is done to you but with you as an active and responsible learner accountable for your success.

At RBIS we recognize that education is not only a great preparation for future adulthood but that school life itself is full of wonderful experiences – so every part of the day is looked on as a learning opportunity to be lived to the full.

As a direct consequence a RBIS student is someone who has a passion for learning, and who is empowered by that passion to create a life that fulfills their dreams – and sometimes changes the world.

Our students are our greatest ambassadors. They are in the moment: happy, warm, open-minded, curious, kind and respectful. Speak to them and they will tell you what makes RBIS a great school!

I hope that our website gives you a foretaste of the unique qualities of a RBIS education and life at the school, but there is no substitute for a personal visit and I hope that we are able to welcome you here soon.

Timothy Ralph Cooper