Key Stages 2-3: Years 6-8 | Ages 10-13

Middle School

RBIS Quality British Middle School education at an affordable cost

The Middle School continues a students’ journey through RBIS International School. It provides the foundation for top quality IGCSE studies. It immerses pupils in a wide range of activities and interests which build on their studies, enriching them as individuals and, we hope, instilling them with a sense of self-worth and respect for others.

A quality British curriculum

Within our School’s curriculum and co-curriculum, we ensure that our pupils are equipped with all the necessary skills to help them not only survive but thrive in the world in which they will live, a world adults cannot even yet imagine.

At RBIS International School we place key importance on the pastoral care of our pupils, staff and parents. Our school ethos aims to enable our children to develop self-esteem, confidence, independence and a sense of responsibility.

Our teaching team

RBIS brings together qualified and experienced specialist teachers offering a high-quality British education for an international context.

How we teach

The Middle School is all about pulling together. By liaising with parents and working closely with pupils on an individual basis we try hard to realise their potential. Through weekly assemblies, and regular tutor time, pupils are encouraged to reflect on their role in the community of the Middle School, learn respect for others and appreciate the value of co-operation.

All-through schooling at RBIS

The strategic vision and journey of education shared across the all-through education of RBIS sees all in the community working collaboratively together for the good of our students, our families and our staff. 

The Middle School is a section of RBIS that bridges the Primary and Senior schools.

Resources, including our staff, are shared across all areas of the School which makes transition points seamless for all concerned, particularly the young people. 

We provide a transition that is supportive and far less daunting than moving from the Primary to Senior phase can be elsewhere.