Our Unique Approach

At RBIS International School every student is seen as an individual, with their own unique talents, abilities and needs.

This approach to education mean that there are many good reasons why families chose the advantages of RBIS for their son or daughter’s education, and each family will have their own unique combination of factors that result in this great choice.

Some families are attracted by the nurturing and holistic ‘style’ of international education based on the recognised English National Curriculum. The size of the school, quality of professional staffing and wonderful human relationships are a key factor for many. For others it is the excellent examination results achieved by RBIS students and the entry pathways to university education and the wider world.

Our excellent educational programme is complimented by our commitment to a threefold approach to pastoral care, personalised learning and student well-being.

The unique nature of RBIS is that so many high-quality factors of educational provision are brought together as natural elements, within the personalised education delivered by such an exceptional school.