English Additional Language (EAL)

RBIS English Support Programme

True to the nature of an International School working with the English National Curriculum, the language of teaching in RBIS classrooms is English

All of the teachers at RBIS are professionally qualified and experienced specialists with a deep knowledge of the subject they teach and understanding of the students they work with. The students at RBIS have the strong advantage of being taught in small class groupings. In lessons that are interactive, stimulating and motivating, the teachers provide students with the individual attention they need to achieve their academic and personal development goals.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

At RBIS, everyone is welcome. All non native speaking English students will take our English language placement test, new students who need language support will be invited to join our specialist EAL programme. The term English as an Additional Language (EAL) is the way we refer to the use or study of English language by non-native speakers in an English-speaking environment.

If students are close to CEFR B1, they will be able to attend all subjects in English, with some English language support. A language support teacher, who works closely with subject teachers, will help EAL students in the classroom and through language sessions.


English Language Centre (ELC)

If students are 2 levels lower than B1, they will need more English language support, and will benefit from joining our English Language Centre. In this programme, students attend some subjects, so that they can make friends and take part in all school activities. Additionally, they will have more English language  lessons to enable them to participate fully in all subjects. Students’ progress is monitored closely, and as they get closer to CEFR B1, they will gradually be able to attend more subjects from the RBIS international programme, until language support is no longer needed and students are fully integrated into the mainstream programme. When students are ready to move up one level, they will be invited to take a Cambridge Young Learner test and will receive an official certificate to celebrate their hard work and encourage them to stay motivated. As their progress is assessed regularly, students will receive detailed feedback and action points to work on, which will give them a clear sense of direction and maximize their progress

Which one is for me ?

RBIS uses the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to measure a student’s language levels.

Programme Information

Ages: 8 – 14 (Years 4 – 9)

Learning a new language can be a daunting experience and students need the right learning environment to reach their full potential.  With over 50 years experience, RBIS puts its students and their learning first.

RBIS understands that learning a language needs specialist teachers and a unique international school environment to bring the best out of your children. We have worked hard to create a unique, tailored provision that will allow your child not only entry into an English-speaking International School, but also access to an intensive English language programme designed to ensure your child is in a mainstream English class as fast as possible.

Your child will be taught in a small, well-designed environment within our main international school campus. They will undertake English language instruction throughout the day, but also join their year specific peers for lessons including PE, Art and Music. This will allow your child to make new friends and be introduced to the mainstream class that they will ultimately join.

For parents we offer peace of mind, as all the centres meet the highest standards for child safety and accessibility.
Whatever your child's age, level or learning aim, our programme is designed to meet your needs and access to the main international programme, ideally within a maximum of 1 academic year.

Our positive and inclusive learning environment ensures learners feel confident using English in the classroom and our programme offers continuity and progression for every learner, whatever age they begin their English language journey.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

RBIS English Language Center Fees Structure


1. What does my son need to do when his English Proficiency Assessment is below A1?

Answer: He will join the RBIS English Language Centre for the maximum of one year

2.Will he be able to join the mainstream class within one term?

Answer: Yes, if he passes the end of term assessment.

3.How often does he have to take assessment?

Answer: At the end of each term.

4.Can he make friends with his peers in the same year group?

Answer: Yes, he will join his friends for lessons including PE, Art and Music and many other school events throughout the term. He can also join sports team and taking part in all school events.

5.Does he have to repeat the year after he passes his English Proficiency Assessment?

Answer: No, therefore the RBIS English Language Centre is unique. We prepare your child to acquire English level so he can join a mainstream class as fast as possible. For example, if he is 12 years old and his year group is Year 8. He will spend time with Year 8 in some lessons. Once he successfully passes his English assessment, he will join Year 8 mind year or Year 9 if it takes him one year at the RBIS English Language Centre.

Please contact us to book a placement test and meet our Head of EAL to learn more about our Language support of our programme.