Student Council

The Student Council is an essential element of life at RBIS International School.

As a Round Square school RBIS International shares a commitment to character education and experiential learning built around the six IDEALS of International Understanding, Democracy, Environmental Stewardship, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

The Round Square IDEALS are underpinned by twelve DISCOVERIES that students explore on their learning journey: inquisitiveness, tenacity, courage, compassion, inventiveness, ability to solve problems, self-awareness, sense of responsibility, appreciation of diversity, commitment to sustainability, communication and team-working skills.

Student participation is a crucial part of our Round Square Discovery Framework. 

We pride ourselves on having an active, dynamic and passionate student body who help make key decisions and inform the day to day running of the School. We care about what the students think and take time to listen to them.

Our Student Council is a body of students who have been voted for by their peers to be representatives of the student voice. These students will act as a voice for their fellow classmates and will be required to aid in resolving issues regarding the school, immediate community and society as a whole.

The Student Council display board with information about our council representatives, agenda items and actions, is to be found in the school entrance area.  

Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) says that children and young people should have a say in decisions that affect their lives.  Our Student Council provides a meaningful way in which students can voice their opinions and have their views taken into account in decisions which impact upon them.

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The aims and objectives of the RBIS Student Council are:

  • to provide opportunity for students to become partners in their own education, and to make a positive contribution to the school environment and ethos.
  • to develop and promote each student’s self-confidence, social skills and their responsible behaviour towards each other and towards their teachers and adult members of staff.
  • to develop the students’ knowledge, skills and understanding of how to contribute to their local community and society as a whole, and what it means to be an active citizen.
  • to develop students’ recognition of themselves as worthwhile individuals with a right to have an opinion and for those to be heard.
  • to allow students to have a ‘voice’ and to share their opinions and ideas with others.
  • to allow students to become more responsible and actively involved in the decision-making process of the school, and to be involved in decisions that directly affect them.
  • to develop important life skills that promotes positive mental health and social welfare, emotional literacy critical and moral reasoning, self-esteem, self-awareness, communication skills, relationship skills and assertiveness.

Student Council organisation . . .

At the beginning of each academic year students from each form group campaign to become the form Council Representative through democratic election. 

Acting as Council Chairperson, the School’s Senior Prefect will ensure that Student Council meetings are held every half term (or additionally if decided by the Student Council).

Form group meetings are held in every class the week before the Student Council meeting. They should be held in a designated PSHE slot.

At each Council meeting, there will be one main issue on the agenda, as well as opportunities for all Council Representatives to discuss other ideas raised by the students in their form groups.

The Council Chairperson will make notes of the Council discussions and will clearly outline the outcomes of the meeting prior to its end.

After each Student Council meeting, the Council Representatives will report back to their form group on the issues discussed and the action taken. Any feedback will be noted by Representatives and fed back in the next meeting.

The Student Council display board with information about our council representatives, agenda items and actions, is to be found in the school entrance area.