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Senior School and Sixth Form

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Preparing Students For The Future:  Personalised Learning With Limitless Possibilities

Senior School and Sixth Form (14-18)

Welcome to RBIS Senior and Sixth Form, where we offer a comprehensive British curriculum tailored to the diverse needs of our students.

RBIS's Senior School (Years 9-13) is a launchpad for higher and professional studies. 

  Every student embarks on a transformative educational journey, beginning with a two-year IGCSE programme that provides a robust foundation for their future.               Our commitment to academic excellence starts early as we initiate the guidance and preparation process in Year 9, which we refer to as ‘Pre IGCSE’. During this crucial phase, students engage in discussions about subject choices with a career guidance approach. At RBIS, our nurturing and caring learning environment fosters close teacher-student relationships. Many of our dedicated teachers accompany students throughout their academic journey for several years and work as a team, ensuring they receive valuable and additional support to strengthen their academic foundation.

By providing our students with a strong early head start, we equip them for the challenges that lie ahead while ensuring their school years are filled with memorable and enjoyable experiences.

As they advance through their academic journey, students are encouraged to chart their paths with informed choices. They learn how to decide and select a range of options that align with their unique aspirations. From IGCSE, students can opt for the challenging A-Level programme, opening doors to prestigious local and international universities. Alternatively, they can explore our innovative project-based and work-based BTEC programme or pursue a High School Diploma, which facilitates entry into renowned Thai universities and select institutions overseas.

Upon completion, all Year 13 students are proudly awarded a High School Diploma, a testament to their academic excellence and readiness for future success.

At RBIS, we empower students to shape their educational destinies and excel in their chosen paths.


Year 9 Pre IGCSE Programme: 
Building Strong Foundation

RBIS begins its journey with a strong middle school education (years 6–8) to equip students with essential skills.

Year 9 introduces the ‘pre-IGCSE’ programme, designed to prepare students for success in international IGCSE and A level in Sixth Form. With a focus on key study
skills and advanced curriculum coverage, students lay the groundwork for academic achievement. Working with our subject specialist staff in the core areas of English,
Mathematics, and Science, each student is provided with appropriate challenges, extensions, and additional support and nurture when required. Every student receives more direct contact time with their teachers. For example, depending on aptitude and academic ability, students with advanced mathematics learning ability will have early access to the IGCSE Extended Mathematics curriculum with students working towards the challenging Higher IGCSE curriculum and examination. Other students will be nurtured in their Year 9 curriculum and monitored for effort, progress, and achievement where necessary. Those with developing aptitude and study ability can move into a more challenging and accelerated learning programme of higher-level examinations.

Students in Year 9 receive specialist support in their examination choices, with a breath of opportunities to directly choose a broad range subject of options, e.g. Maths, Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Computer science, Arts and Design, History, Geography, Business Studies, Psychology and many more. The Year 9 Pre-IGCSE programme contributes to the consistent examination success of RBIS students at both IGCSE and Level Examination levels.



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All-through schooling at RBIS

IGCSE Courses and Examinations: 
A Global Gateway

The Year 10 and 11 IGCSE, or International General Certificate of Secondary Education, are recognised worldwide and required for continuing to higher levels of education. The IGCSE programmes offer several benefits for students:

Accessibility: IGCSE is suitable for students of varying abilities, with differentiated questions catering to all difficulty levels. Wide Subject Range: A broad array of subjects allows students to explore their strengths and interests, aiding them in selecting future study directions.

Personalised Learning: Students can focus on subjects they enjoy and excel in, enabling better examination results and more opportunities for higher education.

Language and Cultural Emphasis: IGCSE prioritises language and cultural studies, preparing students for diverse global demands.

Analytical Skills: It strengthens students' understanding of subjects and fosters analytical and problem-solving skills, essential for lifelong learning.

Assessment Diversity: IGCSE assessment includes written, oral, coursework, and practical components, accommodating different learning styles.


Welcome to RBIS, where our commitment to academic excellence is reflected in our diverse subjects. RBIS provides a broad range of CIE Cambridge IGCSE subjects and offerings from Pearson and Edexcel examination boards. As proud representatives of the University of Cambridge Examination Centre, we take great pride in delivering a comprehensive and enriching educational experience through the globally recognised International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum.

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to cater to our students' diverse interests and strengths, ensuring a robust foundation for their academic pursuits. Acknowledging the uniqueness of each student, our curriculum embraces this diversity, allowing students to explore their passions and cultivate skills that will guide them towards success in their future endeavours.

Our range of subject options is carefully designed to cater to our student's diverse interests and strengths, ensuring a solid foundation for their academic pursuits.

We continuously evolve to meet the changing demands of the educational landscape. Our commitment to providing a well-rounded education reflects our diverse subjects, including popular choices like Business Studies, Economics, and Psychology. These subjects align with current educational trends and prepare our students for the dynamic challenges of the future.

Core Subjects
This journey of academic excellence, personal growth, and cultural enrichment. It is a future filled with limitless possibilities.

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Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

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RBIS Sixth Form

In the British education system, the years “Year 12” and “ Year 13” are commonly referred to as “ Sixth Form’.

RBIS Sixth Form, where the journey extends far beyond academic pursuits.

Our commitment goes beyond exam success; it encompasses a holistic approach to education that empowers students with invaluable life skills, personal growth opportunities, and a platform to thrive beyond the confines of traditional learning. Within our Sixth Form, students encounter a transformative experience that extends well beyond the classroom, fostering a supportive community, encouraging diverse extracurricular engagement, and laying the foundation for success in higher education and the dynamic global landscape. The Sixth Form enrichment programmes aim to equip students with practical skills, experiences and insights that prepare them for life beyond school. Here are some impactful enrichment programmes:

1. Career Guidance and Workshops: Offer sessions on resume building, interview skills, and career exploration. Internship opportunities or partnerships with local businesses allow students to gain practical field experience. We provide comprehensive guidance to our students throughout the entire admission process till its completion. Our goal is to ensure that our students have a smooth and hassle-free experience. There is a summer school trip to visit universities in UK.

2. Leadership Training: Conduct workshops, seminars, and mentorship programs on decision-making, conflict resolution, and team management. Encourage students to take leadership roles within school clubs or community projects.

3. Entrepreneurship Initiatives: Introduce entrepreneurship programs that teach students about business planning, marketing, and financial management. Allow them to create and execute their business ideas with guidance from mentors.

4. Global Exchanges and Cultural Immersion: Facilitate exchange programs with partner schools abroad, encouraging students to experience different cultures and perspectives. This fosters adaptability, cultural understanding, and global awareness.

5. Community Service Projects: Provide opportunities for sustained involvement in meaningful community service projects. Encourage students to initiate and lead service initiatives addressing local or global issues.

6. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Workshops: Offer sessions that focus on complex problem-solving, critical analysis, and creative thinking. Engage students in debates, case studies, or simulations that challenge their thinking.

7. Financial Literacy Programs: Introduce introductory financial literacy courses covering budgeting, investing, and understanding personal finance. Encourage students to manage mock budgets or invest in simulated stock markets.

8. Health and Well-being Initiatives: Promote mental health awareness through workshops, mindfulness sessions, and stress management programs. Encourage physical fitness through sports, yoga, or fitness clubs.

9. Research Projects and Conferences: Support students in conducting independent research projects and participating in conferences or symposiums. This hones their research skills and allows them to present findings in a professional setting.

10. University Preparation Support: Provide guidance on university applications, admissions tests, and personal statement writing. Host sessions with alumni or university representatives to familiarise students with higher education opportunities.

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Student Success Stories

Our Alumni continue to inspire the next generation with their successful stories, showcasing the profound impact of education and the limitless potential of each student.

All-through schooling at RBIS

A-Level Studies at RBIS: The Path to University

RBIS provides students with a range of A-Level and BTEC courses, setting the stage for university and future careers. A-Levels are academically rigorous and broadly accepted by universities. With a focus on academic depth and analytical skills, students are well-prepared for their next steps.

Unlocking Potential with A Levels

At RBIS, we recognise that A Levels form the cornerstone of a student’s academic journey, shaping their trajectory towards higher education and future careers. 
Our Sixth Form offers an enriching selection of A Level courses designed to empower each student according to their unique abilities and aspirations.

Tailored Academic Excellence
Our A Level curriculum spans a diverse spectrum, encompassing traditional subjects such as English Literature, Mathematics, and Sciences while embracing contemporary
fields like Digital Media and Photography. The flexibility of subject choices allows students to create a balanced academic profile, fostering specialisation and a well-
rounded education.

Pathways to Success
A Levels, studied over a comprehensive two-year period post-IGCSE, instil a profound academic focus and a broad understanding of theoretical foundations. 
Our approach emphasises subject expertise and sharpens analytical skills crucial for university-level studies.

Assessment and Beyond
A culmination of rigorous learning, A Levels culminates in a largely exam-based assessment, with coursework contributing to a fraction of the final grade. This approach
prepares students for university and opens diverse employment avenues, thanks to the widely recognised Level 3 qualification.

Guiding Future Trajectories
Students guided by our expert faculty navigate their course selections based on career aspirations, ensuring alignment with university prerequisites in their desired countries.
The multifaceted nature of A Levels enables students to seamlessly transition into traditional university paths while fostering a foundation for diverse professional pursuits.

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Qualification for Skill Mastery Through Practical Application

BTEC courses, also known as Business and Technology Education Council courses. A BTEC qualification is a dynamic, career-oriented education programme, designed to provide hands-on experience and practical knowledge directly applicable to specific industries and professions.
The courses blend academic learning with practical skills development, preparing students for specific career paths or further education.

BTEC qualification provides a comparable academic value to that of conventional A Levels.
International universities and employers hold them in high respect. BTEC credentials are specifically designed to strongly emphasise practical skills and application in the workplace, making them particularly well-suited for students with a clear vision of their desired professional

The Level 3 International BTECs programme undergoes regular evaluations to provide students with a dynamic and pertinent education that aligns with the evolving global landscape.

The primary emphasis is on vocational training and development.

- Modules with a strong theoretical and intellectual focus

- Facilitates the acquisition of specialised topic knowledge and the development of practical skills.

Certain BTEC courses incorporate written examinations.

The evaluation process is predicated upon completing coursework and projects spanning two years.

Typically, it results in enhanced work prospects within a selected professional domain.

Frequently, it leads to pursuing specialised and discipline-specific programmes at the university level.

It is now widely recognized by both academic institutions and employers.

The BTEC Study Programme may be unfamiliar to some of us. However, we are eager to explore how it can benefit our children in various ways. To do so, we suggest arranging a meeting where we can discuss it in detail. Please click here.


High School Diploma at RBIS: A Personalized Pathway

For students who may need more time to be ready to take on the rigorous academic requirements of A Levels, an alternative option is available - the High School Diploma. In the Thai education system, obtaining a High School Diploma indicates the completion of high school M 6. With this certificate, students can apply for admission to universities in Thailand as well as various foundation courses overseas. We are proud to have a proven record of students who have successfully continued their education after receiving a High School Diploma.

The RBIS High School Diploma has been certified by Thailand's Ministry of Education. The curriculum is designed to offer students both subject knowledge and skill-based learning experiences. Students can choose from a range of optional subjects. Unlike A-levels, BTECs, or IGCSE, the High School Diploma offers flexible subject options and a more generalised approach. Additionally, it is internally assessed. For non-native English students, IELTS is a requirement. As part of their life skills lessons, students will be taught time management, financial management, and many other necessary skills. The curriculum is carefully designed to include a leadership component, community service, and collaborative opportunities within and with other schools. Various activities, including leadership conferences and projects, allow students to develop their leadership skills. Our students have successfully pursued higher education and have been accepted into universities in Thailand and abroad with their RBIS High School Diploma. 

For more information about subject options and High School Diploma, please click here.

Our students, in their final year, will graduate with a High School Diploma in addition to any other credentials they may have earned over their two years.

Student Success Stories