Early Years: Where Education and Fun Go Hand in Hand

Early Years or Kindergarten serves as a vital cornerstone in a child’s educational journey, making a profound impact on their holistic development. In this pivotal stage, several key factors converge to propel children forward:

1. Early Socialization:

Early Years class provides a structured setting where children interact with peers, cultivating fundamental social skills like sharing, cooperation, and empathy. 

2. Cognitive Development:

Meticulously crafted early years programs stimulate cognitive growth.

3. Language Development:

Exposure to a language-rich environment in early years is transformative. It expands vocabulary, sharpens communication skills, and prepares children for early reading adventures. This linguistic prowess paves the way for effective communication and literacy.

4. Emotional Development:

Early Years guide children in comprehending and managing their emotions. 

5. Structure and Routine:

Through consistent routines, children acquire the adaptability required for structured learning environments—a skill set indispensable throughout their educational journey.

6. Early Exposure to Curriculum:

Early Years acquaint children with foundational concepts in subjects such as math, science, and literacy. This initial exposure lays a robust foundation for future academic pursuits.

7. Play-Based Learning

Children thrive on play-based learning, an engaging and enjoyable
approach. Through play, children internalise vital concepts, making learning a joyful experience.

8. Teacher Guidance:

Qualified early years teachers are instrumental. They offer personalised
guidance, tailoring their approach to meeting individual needs. In this nurturing environment,
children flourish both academically and personally.

In summary, Early Years school represents a transformative phase in a child’s life. It nurtures social, cognitive, emotional, and academic development, effectively equipping children for a lifetime filled with learning and accomplishment.

Why Choose Early Years at RBIS?

Our curriculum in EYFS has been thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of your child. The early years are pivotal in laying a strong foundation for children’s development. Within our nurturing environment and under the guidance of qualified and trained early years teachers, children achieve significant milestones. They acquire essential skills such as speaking and listening, cooperative play, and build confidence with the pure joy of learning. These kindergarten or early years are among the happiest and most important moments in a child’s educational journey.

We follow the Early Years Curriculum, which lays the foundation of academic success and guarantees a smooth transition into Primary.

As an EYFS Team, we delegate every three weeks on a focused thematic topic to give your child a broad and exciting school experience, where enjoyment and exploration are the key ingredients in an approach which is centred around play.

All our themes have an overarching link to the Universal Goals, which enables children to interconnect with the world around them. At RBIS, we want to create global citizens who will be leaders in the new modern world. We believe that by implementing the goals in our curriculum, children will grow and develop to be able to create solutions to the issues we face as a global society.

Specialist Teachers

Our teachers are native English speakers who are experienced in working with young children and have completed further education in teaching. We ensure that we employ the highest quality staff who have the children’s learning potential as paramount.

We regularly develop our teacher’s knowledge and expertise by offering professional learning opportunities and collaborating with other Schools in Bangkok & the United Kingdom. The positive relationships between each child and teacher ensure success within all areas of Education. 

All of our Teachers believe that they are facilitators of learning, and all of their activities and provisions can support and challenge their children to develop their understanding of our world.

In the classroom

The timetable in EYFS consists of a number of different 30-minute sessions based on the Early Learning goals. Each week, the children will complete 5 Literacy, 5 Mathematic and one of the learning goal teacher-focused activities.

In EYFS, we have class sizes of up to 15 children. We ensure that we have the appropriate adult ratio to keep your child safe.

There is a range of nationalities at RBIS. We currently have over 30 different nationalities within our School. We ensure that our School is inclusive and celebrates various International Events.

The Early Years Goals

The Early Learning Goals clearly guide teachers and parents on what their children can do. We follow the British Curriculum throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage or EYFS, and we ensure that our EYFS curriculum directly matches the objectives of Primary school to ensure your child is able to have a smooth transition to the Primary Campus.

During your child’s time at RBIS, the specialist class teacher will regularly assess your child to make sure they are secure in completing the Early Learning Goals before they move to Year One.

There are five main areas which your class teacher will focus on.

  • Communication and Language - listening, attention, understanding and speaking.
  • Physical Development - fine and gross motor Skills.
  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development - self-regulation, managing self, building relationships.
  • Understanding the world - past and present, people, culture and communities, The natural world
  • Expressive Arts and Design - creating with materials, being imaginative and expressive.

Your child will take part in a range of different activities which are focused on these goals. This will allow opportunities for them to develop their skills and let the class teacher recognise their progress

One key attribute we can offer at RBIS is our free-flow play, designed by our experienced and enthusiastic specialist teachers. During the afternoons in our EYFS, the children will participate in stimulating child-led activities. This allows the children to have greater opportunities

Thai Language

Thai teachers teach Thai to our students as an integral part of our curriculum in accordance with Thai government regulations. Our students will be able to explore the cultural aspects of their home country, including celebrations, values and traditions.

We offer Chinese Mandarin as a modern language to our students from year 1.

A visit to our school provides insight into our teaching approach, and you will discover why our students are both joyful and excellently prepared for primary school. Please contact our admission.


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