Student Wellness

RBIS  has a fully trained nurse on site and our Health Facility can provide interim care until parents collect an unwell child or transportation to a medical facility is required

Our nurse  can provide acute care, management of chronic health conditions and activities focused on preventive health, health maintenance, and health education. The Nurse works collaboratively with faculty and staff to provide a holistic approach to care.

Student fitness is a major concern and the programme at both Secondary and Primary campuses provides opportunities for students to exercise and participate in recreational activities and sports.

A healthy diet is an important component of any school wellness programme and RBIS works collaboratively with our catering company to ensure a nutritious and balanced approach is employed in the development of snack and lunch menus.  Our menus are characterised by items with less salt and sugar and minimum of fried food.

Teachers support student wellness through a classrooms focus on healthy lifestyles including diet, exercise and time management.