Exploring Minds: What You Learn in Psychology in IGCSE and Why It is an Enriching Academic Choice

January 29, 2024

Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in the number of students who choose psychology as their major. Psychology is one of the top five most popular majors in colleges worldwide, and on many campuses, it is the most popular one. The reason for psychology's popularity is apparent. Mental health is now widely discussed, and people have become more aware of its impact on our lives. The subject has become interesting and attractive to study as people are curious about how their minds
work and how they affect their behaviour. Studying IGCSE psychology is an excellent start to preparing for a psychology degree. Here's a closer look.

Studying psychology at the IGCSE level involves learning about the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour.

"What is included in the curriculum?"  

1. Introduction to Psychology: Basic Concepts and History of Psychology as a Discipline.

2. Biological Basis of Behaviour: Understanding how biological processes influence human behaviour, including the role of the brain, nervous system, and genetics. 

3. Cognitive Development: Exploring how people think, perceive, communicate, remember, and learn. 

4. Social Psychology:  Examining how individuals are affected by others, including topics like conformity, obedience, and interpersonal relationships. 

5. Abnormal Psychology: Understanding mental disorders' classification and treatment. 

6. Research Methods: Learning about scientific methods used in psychological research, including experiments, surveys, and observational studies.

Studying Psychology at the IGCSE level can be beneficial in numerous ways. It provides foundational knowledge about human behaviour, encourages analytical and critical thinking, and can lay a strong foundation for careers in psychology, counselling, education, healthcare, or social work. Additionally, Psychology can help with personal development by increasing self-awareness and understanding of others. 

Studying IGCSE psychology can be an excellent foundation for developing your knowledge in psychology, especially if you want to find out more about this before deciding to study at A Levels. If you're interested in understanding human behaviour, IGCSE psychology can help you answer your questions and gain valuable insights. It will give you a better understanding of human behaviour and what drives people to make certain decisions. This knowledge can lead to various exciting career opportunities, including clinical psychosocial psychology, educational psychology, forensic psychology, further education teaching, health psychology, high-intensity therapy, and occupational psychology. Possessing this expertise in psychology can be helpful in several sectors, including mental health, social work, education, business, sport, and fitness.

There’s no change at the top, with Cambridge holding onto its number-one spot in 2024 and Oxford remaining second.

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