Do you have a school bus?
Yes, please ask for more information.
What are the class sizes ?
Nursery - maximum is 12 with 4:1 teaching staff and students

Primary - maximum is 20

Secondary - maximum is 20
Does the school provide lunch?
Yes , there is a mid morning snack and a variety of Thai and international food buffet lunch options. Special food arrangements can be made for students with food allergies
Are all teachers qualified?
Yes, we only have qualified and experienced teachers with genuine interest in education. We believe that teachers and students are the most important elements in the school. Teachers play a vital role in shaping the future of our children and also instill a love of learning to them.
Which are the popular destinations for our graduated students ?
100% of our graduated students continue their education the university level. The top 3 popular Thai universities that our students have enrolled in for the last 3 years are Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol University and Thammasart University. Some of our students continue their education in the UK, USA and in other European countries e.g. Netherland.
Do you require students to take an English test before enrolment?
Yes, the result will help us to plan the English As an Additional Language (EAL) programme for the student if required.
How does RBIS support or help students that move from non English Programme Schools ?
There is an English Immersion programme during the Summer holiday and weekends. Please ask for more information.

Can new students join RBIS during the Academic year ?
There are 3 terms in an academic year which usually starts Term 1 in August, Term 2 in January and Term 3 in April. Please ask the admission of space available.
What are some RBIS measures for COVID-19?
Health and safety are of paramount importance to us. We do not only seek to follow government guidelines but also go above and beyond them to ensure the safety of all community members. This includes a self-set target of 100% vaccination for all employees, the arrangement of ongoing opportunities for vaccination of RBIS families and eligible students, strict adherence to COVID-19 preventative measures on campus, and mandatory weekly antigen testing for all students and staff who will be on campus.
How much homework is assigned ?
Homework is the reinforcement of student's understanding of the topics which are taught and to help them to reinforce their learning. Students also learn study skills and time management through projects and assignments. Sometimes homework can be a bed time reading or it can be a research on interesting topic. The homework load will not be inappropriate. We expect students to spend time with family in the evening.
Do you provide English as Additional Language (EAL) support?
Yes, quite often students at RBIS are not native English speakers and some may have no English language skills when they first arrive. Our small class sizes will allow for individualized attention by class teachers. In addition, we will be offering extra-curricular support classes. Our intention is that students should have obtained the language skills needed to fully participate in class within a short period of time.
Do you teach other languages ?
Thai and Chinese are compulsory in the timetable for Year 1-9. HSK test for Chinese Competency is also arranged.

There will be two classes for Non Thai and Thai for Thai language classes.

Other modern languages e.g. French, Spanish can be arranged.
How does the school communicate with parents?
The school admin office can always assist parents' enquiries. The class teachers are also the first point of contact that parents can contact. The school aims to create a positive parent and school partnership. There will be regular updated news on school website, Newsletter, school Facebook, Instagram, Email, Line and regular meetings. We have an open door policy and accessible to parents' enquiries.
Do you assist with visa application and procedure?
Yes, We provide the visa documents, which parents can access.
What if , parents are not confident in using English?
We have a translator to support you. Many of our students who do not speak English at home turn out to be excellent in English so there is no need to worry about it.
Do you have a learning support system ?
If your child has been observed by a special needs specialist and he/she needs extra support, our learning support will be appointed and individual Educational Programme (IEP) will be created.
What is parents school involvement ?
There are fun activities which involve parents to join at the school. Please see the school calendar. We expect parents to work with the school for the maximum benefit of the child.