When students engage in healthy competition, they push themselves to work harder
and put forth their best effort. This drive to succeed can lead to improved academic
performance, growth in confidence, development of new talents and passions, and
increased creativity. Furthermore, it helps to build the positive discipline and habits that
students need to become successful adults.

At RBIS, we provide many opportunities for competitions, academics, performing arts,
sports, or simply for fun in the school and with other schools that are members of

Students enjoy communication skills, learn a sense of cooperation and teamwork, and,
most importantly, we ensure that each student, not only the talented ones, has the
opportunity to participate. For example, all students will have an opportunity to
participate in sports teams. Winning is not as important as learning to participate and
gaining experience.

UKMT Junior Mathematics Challenge

Students from all over the world compete and only those who perform to the highest standards get recognition as either Bronze, Silver or Gold standard. Only the top 25% will achieve Bronze. The silver award is awarded to the top 16% of students and in order to get Gold, you must be in the top 8% […]

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House Competitions

1. House song competition In the electrifying realm of the dance floor, the four houses gathered to battle it out for the ultimate house song crown: Phoenix, Dragon, Lion, and Unicorn. Dragon took the stage, spitting fire with their track selection, but it seems they got a little lost in the smoky haze. Phoenix followed […]

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FOBISIA Short Story Competition 2024

Ms Reid's Year 8 and Year 9 students have recently showcased their exceptional creativity by participating in the 2024 FOBISIA Short story competition. The theme for this year's competition, 'Distant Galaxies,' prompted these young writers to explore the vast reaches of their imagination. With unwavering dedication and enthusiasm, the students have poured their literary talents […]

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Sports Day 2024

On December 4, early-years, primary, and secondary students enthusiastically took part in the RBIS Sports Day at Bangkok Stadium. The day commenced with a captivating parade, setting the stage for a series of exciting competitions. Demonstrating remarkable potential, all students showcased their abilities in a spectacular manner. The event painted a beautiful picture of unity, […]

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British Physics Olympiad

The British Physics Olympiad provides a series of competition papers for Years 10 - 13 to stretch and challenge talented young physicists.  In recent years the competitions have attracted entries from 30-40,000 students. This year Hans from Year 12 took part in Round 1. The top 100 Round 1 students are invited to take BPhO […]

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Annual Talent Show 2024

From Year 6 to Year 13, we witnessed 10 talented contestants showcase their skills in singing, dancing, piano, violin, harp, and more on Friday the 1st of March. Our students truly amazed us with their passion and dedication! We are immensely proud of all our participants. It takes courage to step onto a stage and […]

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World Poetry Day Competition

To commemorate World Poetry Day on March 21st our students studied, read and wrote their own Haiku poetry. The Haiku style of poetry bridges the gap between English and Asian cultures and with International Day on the horizon it also allows our students to be reflective and contemplative of the nature and community around them […]

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2024 UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT)

Incredible Achievements in the 2024 UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Intermediate Mathematical Challenge! We're thrilled to announce the outstanding results of our RBIS students in this prestigious international competition! Every year, over 700,000 young minds from Years 9 to 11 around the globe participate in the UKMT intermediate maths challenge, showcasing their mathematical prowess and problem-solving […]

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RBIS Sports Day 2023

What an incredible day it has been at our secondary school's sports day

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