Natthapee Sriarunluck (Bank), RBIS’s Formal Scholar,
Thailand National Badminton Player, Graduated in 2020.

RBIS's British curriculum has been exceptional and got me well prepared for exams and university. It has been my greatest pleasure to be able to study at RBIS.

From the start, I was able to establish an exceptional relationship with my teachers and students which contributed a lot to my success during my time there, including the online classes. The friendly environment at RBIS made it very enjoyable as everyone truly supported each other and wanted the best for each other. RBIS granted me a partial sports scholarship (badminton) and allowed me to take part in overseas competitions.

I learned to be more independent in my studies and improved my time management skills being a student-athlete. Mr. Parsons taught me the importance of understanding theories and formulas instead of memorizing them. Teachers also spent extra time on me after school for the missed material.

In the end, with all the teacher's contribution and help, I was able to be accepted to MUIC (computer science) which I am very proud of.

I love how the teachers at RBIS make the hard lessons fun. It has been a great opportunity to make friends and learn lots of new things.

Janice, Year 4

an aspired stage performer who loves dance and music.

Year 8 from Malawi joined in 2015

On his future aspiration:

I aspire to be a doctor because the world of biology is very fascinating, and I want to help the people.

On his favorite activity:

I love sports especially basketball. It takes a lot of practice and skills to be good at basketball.

Davin, Year 7 

from Indonesia joined in 2019
Bird, Year 13 

joined in 2009

On his academic success:

RBIS gave me the opportunity to build a solid foundation that will stay with me in my future academic and professional journey.

Having been at RBIS from Year 1 up until A-levels, it feels bittersweet to be writing a testimonial about my time here. RBIS gave me the opportunity to build a solid foundation that will stay with me in my future academic and professional journey.

The IGCSE and A-level curriculum was tough but played an essential role in developing skills such as time management and multitasking, which will greatly benefit me at university.

The work environment at RBIS is very friendly – students support each other and teachers are proactive in teaching and nurturing the students. I am grateful to all my teachers over the years who spent time with me, answered all my questions, and helped me to understand concepts.

With all the support and help I have received over the years, I am proud to say that I was accepted into Chulalongkorn University where I will be studying for my Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology. I want to reiterate how grateful I am to all my teachers who have helped me throughout my time here at RBIS.

Excited to be back to school. Our daughter in primary has received excellent education even during the lockdown when all classes are delivered through online learning.

We feel care, child-centred, and attention to detail from the Owner, Headmaster, Teachers, and Support staff from the first day we arrived. Ms Por at the admin office has been very helpful. Thank you so much and highly recommended it.

Dr.Thiti Vacharasintopchai

( Ada's father year 3 )