Why Choose RBIS?

Why RBIS? A Manifesto for an Excellent School - Discover the Building Blocks of Academic Innovation, Character Development, and Global Citizenship.

At our school, we take pride in offering a distinctive and rewarding educational experience that distinguishes us from other schools. Here are the top five reasons why our school is exceptional:
1. Personalised Learning
At RBIS, we believe that every student is unique, and we do not follow a 'one size fits all' approach. Our small class sizes and nurturing approach to student learning enable us to provide individualised support and tailor our teaching plans to meet the specific needs of each student.

We believe in students' potential to excel and achieve their goals with the right opportunities and courses. Our Sixth Form is an excellent example of our commitment to personalised learning and personalised pathways designed to help students choose the most suitable course and plan their future. There are three courses that they can choose from:
A Levels, BTEC and High School Diploma.

Our personalised pathways also extend to university admission planning, where we provide comprehensive support and guidance to students, helping them navigate through the complex admission process, including selecting the right university, submitting applications, writing personal statements, and preparing for interviews.

Our 2023 Exam results speak for themselves. Recently every student who took Extended Maths IGCSE has been awarded an A*. We are equally proud of our students who excelled with our support to discover their interests and passion for their future profession. Many achieve academically more than their original expectation. Still, the most important thing is that they leave the school to the university of their choice and are on the path to becoming successful professionals.

From EDT’s Report (2023) On Teaching and Learning
“Classes are small. Teachers know the students well and seek to meet the needs of all students as they progress through the school.”
On Teachers and Students
“Students enjoy their lessons, and relationships between staff and students are excellent and produce a climate conducive for effective and inclusive learning.”

2. Accreditation
Quality education is at the heart of RBIS, and we are proud to hold accreditation from the Education Development Trust (EDT). This world-class accreditation reflects our dedication to maintaining high standards of academic excellence, ensuring that our students receive a top-notch education that is globally recognised. We are committed to continuously improving education to provide the best possible experience for our students. The EDT inspection serves as an indicator of the International Schools Quality Mark (ISQM). This accreditation is awarded to international schools that meet rigorous quality standards, demonstrating excellence in student achievement, curriculum, resources, leadership, and partnerships with parents and the community. EDT advisors provide continuous guidance and support to us.
RBIS has achieved 100% A* to C grades at A Level for three out of the last four years, which is above the world average. Our students also achieve above-world average pass rates at IGCSE and have received 100% A* to C grades for two out of the last three years. This is due to our high-quality curriculum, excellent staff, and positive attitude towards improvement instilled in our pupils. Click here (https://rbis.ac.th/we-are-proud-of-you/) for our most recent results information.

3. Global Perspective:
In today's interconnected world, it is essential to have a global perspective. Our school offers various opportunities for students to explore different cultures, perspectives, and global issues. We aim to prepare our students to navigate confidently in an interconnected world. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to provide academic knowledge and a broad understanding of the global community. Our school is a member of FOBISIA, Roundsquare, and HASSE, which gives our students exclusive access to valuable experiences and leadership skills. Various events and activities are available for our students to participate in, both at RBIS and with other member schools. Our enrichment programme includes specialised training in Model United Nations, where students learn to integrate their knowledge and practice public speaking at conferences.

4. Nurturing Guidance:
At RBIS, education is not limited to academics but also encompasses personal growth and development. We are proud to be known for our nurturing guidance and caring approach towards our students, which parents highly recognise. Our school provides mentorship and emotional support to each student, nurturing their well-being, resilience, and sense of responsibility. Our teachers are dedicated to helping students become well-rounded individuals. Our students and alumni frequently express their sentiment that they feel supported and heard in a compassionate atmosphere that extends from teachers to students and amongst the students themselves. We cultivate a welcoming environment where students can forge enduring friendships during and after their time at school. Support does not end when the bell rings here at RBIS.

5. Enrichment Programme:
Learning should extend beyond the classroom. That's why we have designed an enrichment programme for our students, offering diverse and exciting opportunities. Our programme includes hands-on projects and extracurricular activities catering to students' interests.

The Enrichment Programme consists of events both within and outside the school, academic and sports competitions with other schools, school trips, and various exciting events like Performing Arts, Talent Shows, and Leadership Conferences throughout the year. We aim to complement the standard curriculum and provide students with a comprehensive education beyond textbooks. By participating in our Enrichment Programme, students enhance their personal profile for university admission and develop personally. It improves the quality of life when they become adults. They learn many valuable skills that can become favourite hobbies so they can live a fulfilled life. Enrichment programmes provide a vital life foundation and help shape character.

Please take a look at some of our Extracurricular Activities to get a better idea of what we offer.

- Academic Clubs, e.g. STEM, Robotics, Advanced Learning Classes, Homework Clubs
Sports and Fitness
- Performing Arts
e.g. dance and music
- Visual Arts
e.g. Painting, Sketching, History of Arts
- Creative Writing and Literature
e.g. book club, news reporter, school magazine
- Social and Cultural Clubs
e.g. language clubs
- Community Service
- Life Skills and Personal Development
e.g. Entrepreneurship Club, Financial Club,
- Leadership Programmes
e.g. Model United Nations, Public Speaking
- Special Interests
e.g. chess, board games