Governing Board

As stewards of the School’s long-term future, Board Members hold the primary responsibility for the development of the School’s mission, and for the strategic planning that will ensure the achievement of that mission in close collaboration with the School’s leadership team and stakeholders.  The School Board has responsibility for making plans, setting policies and making decisions that will best ensure the viability of the school mission now and for the future.

RBIS is governed by a Board of Directors with professional background in corporate business and academics.

The current board members are:

Khun Arwenun Klipbua
Executive Director RBIS International School

Assistant Professor Amornrat

Khun Kannaporn

Mr Timothy Ralph Cooper
RBIS Headmaster

School Executive Director’s Welcome

Welcome to RBIS International School, formerly known as RBIS Rasami British International School. We are honoured for being a chosen school for many families over 50 years. Some of our current parents are also our alumni. We value your trust and take pride in being a quality school.

Being a good school is about more than just improving test scores-it is also about making a difference in a child’s life. I am immensely proud to work with a team of dedicated teachers where we all work toward the same goal, the students. First, to ensure that they discover their talents and interests, the joy of learning and the meaning of lifelong friendships they make at school. To help them explore the world of knowledge through their curiosity, develop their deep-thinking skills, and equip them with all kinds of tools, especially the key characteristics and attributes such as confidence, grit, problem-solving skill, and creativity. Once they reach their secondary years, they will learn how to connect their knowledge to the real world and start planning their future aspirations with our teachers' support and guidance.

Attending RBIS International School has another advantage. From an early age, they will have first-hand experience with friends from diverse cultures and learn to respect others. This invaluable experience will prepare them to become global citizens in the true sense. RBIS focuses on a personalised approach where we recognise each child as an individual, not another number. A smaller class size means that all students can thrive to their maximum potential, and teachers can tailor the study approach to the needs of the students. RBIS is a school where teachers listen to students, and communication is essential.

RBIS enjoys the benefit of its location at the heart of Bangkok. Yet, we are known for our caring and nurturing atmosphere where students feel safe and secure. A happy atmosphere contributes to a positive outcome for the student. We believe that we have the most important task to fulfil because we are educating the world’s future. Our educational vision is dynamic with the recognition of the rapid change in the world and its impact. We always share our strong view on the importance of education and its key role in the world at large. Knowing knowledge is no longer enough, and education has never been more important. Our curriculum and teaching approaches promote the critical thinking and growth of the great mind so they can become lifelong learners. They are the ones who will shape the world.

Parents' partnership with the school is vital for the child’s achievement. One of the many important roles that I have is to work closely with families in the school to ensure that your child's schooling years are successful.

I look forward to welcoming you to RBIS, and I am excited to share why RBIS is a great small international school. 


Arwenun Klipbua

[email protected]

BEd (Hons) University of Exeter, UK

MA in Education Management, University of London, UK