Guiding Statements

RBIS Guiding Statements


“One moment can change a day, one day can change a life and one life can change the world”. At RBIS We create the teaching and learning moments that change our lives


An RBIS student will be a life-long learner who is independent, respectful, responsible and confident.
An RBIS student will be future proof, prepared and adaptable for change.
An RBIS student will demonstrate global awareness and acceptance of other cultures and beliefs.
An RBIS student will demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
An RBIS student will be an active participant in contributing to a healthy and environmentally conscious community through the ability to anticipate, recognise and meet other’s needs.
Our school will inspire students’ individual talents, academic growth and personal fulfilment.
Within our school community we will share knowledge, culture, experiences, values and a love of learning.


Kindness and Compassion - Being nice and caring about others
Honesty and Integrity - Telling the truth and doing the right thing
Resilience and Determination - Never give up and completing tasks
Creativity and Innovation - Being original and solving problems
Communication and Collaboration - Giving and receiving information effectively and working together
Respect and Mindfulness - Appreciating and being aware of other’s feelings
Adaptability and Flexibility - Being able to adapt an original plan and willing to change ideas when needed.
International Mindedness - Understanding and respecting other countries and cultures, working towards becoming accountable global citizens.