RBIS English Language Centre

Who should be in ELC programme?

If students are 2 levels lower than B1, they will need more English language support, and will benefit from joining our English Language Centre. In this programme, students attend some subjects, so that they can make friends and take part in all school activities. Additionally they will have more English language lessons to enable them to participate fully in all subjects. Students’ progress is monitored closely, and ask they get closer to CEFR B1, they will gradually be able to attend more subjects from the RBIS international programme, until language support is no longer needed and students are fully integrated into the mainstream programme. When students are ready to move up one level, they will be invited to take a and official Cambridge test and will receive an official certificate to celebrate their hard work and encourage them to stay motivated. As their progress is assessed regularly, students will receive detailed feedback and action points to work on, which will give them a clear sense of direction and maximize their progress.

Through our special programme, our students benefit from personalised support while being integrated into our international programme.

Please contact us for more information . Our Head of EAL will be happy to meet and discuss with you.