Why Choose RBIS?

There are many factors to consider when choosing an international school for your children. Curriculum, school fees, location and extra curricular activities are just some. In an ever competitive market choosing the right school for your children has never been more important

RBIS offers a curriculum based heavily on the British model from EYFS to  IGCSE and finally on to A Levels, delivered within an international context. We believe that this blend offers not only the best possible experience for students, but also provides the best possibilities and opportunities for students after they have finished their students. Students leaving RBIS attend universities all around the world with 100% of graduates attending their first choice university.

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After curriculum, school location and fees are probably the most commonly cited factors when choosing a new school. 

Our fees are highly competitive and our location is ideally suited as RBIS.

We pride ourselves on being a small, caring school. Being smaller allows us to provide the extra support and care that families often ask for. Being small allows us to tailor the provision your child needs to receive to maximise opportunities and outcomes. Additional support is also a high priority for some families and again, being small allows us to focus sharply on providing specific, high quality support where needed.

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 Supporting the whole family is a high priority for us. We manage you from start to finish and our admissions and support teams will help to provide any support that you might need. They are warm, friendly and highly professional.

Having very small class sizes and a truly international curriculum are a perfect environment for success. As well as a highly academic environment, we also put a great deal of focus on activities outside the classroom. These include the Arts and supporting our local community. 

As members of RoundSquare and a fully accredited EDT school, our standards and opportunities are constantly reviewed to make sure they are of the highest quality and provide the best opportunities for all our students.

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Our staff, like our student body, are a truly international team, with qualified and experienced teachers from around the world. The vast majority are UK trained teachers, ably supported by an experienced team of local and international support staff. 

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