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December 1, 2023

Facts about A Levels: What, Who, How and Why

What are A Levels?
Advanced level qualifications (A levels) are subject-based qualifications that can lead to university, further study, training, or work. You can study three or more A levels over two years. They’re usually assessed by a series of examinations.  According to the 2023 Report, the ten most popular – Level Subjects are Art and
Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, English Literature, Geography, History, Maths, and Psychology. A Levels is taken after completing IGCSE.

Who are they for? 16-18
- If you plan to attend university, most universities require specific A levels or a combination of A Levels. For example, if you would like to study Economics at university. This subject combination of Maths, Economics, and Business Studies is a preferred choice for the university as economics requires students to have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. (At RBIS, we will advise the best A-level subject combinations for our students.)
- If you are unsure what career or job you want, studying A levels is an excellent way to keep your options open. A Levels is a highly creditable qualification that can be used for employment and apprenticeship.

How does the student build a portfolio for the university when studying A

During A Levels, students can strengthen their university portfolio by actively participating in extracurricular activities, pursuing relevant projects, showcasing academic achievements, and demonstrating leadership. Engaging in internships, community service, and workshops enhances the
portfolio, emphasising a well-rounded skill set and passion for their chosen field. Having spent several years in RBIS, many students have immersed themselves in their chosen activities and developed strong passions. Through close collaboration over an extended period, we gain personal insights into each student, enabling us to offer accurate recommendations for advancing their interests and deepening their expertise. This familiarity also allows us to provide references that offer a profound understanding of
each student’s character. Many of our students build their portfolios early and under our guidance.



Why A Levels programme can transform students' lives and prepare them for the future.

This is because it provides a rigorous academic foundation, fosters critical thinking skills, and opens doors to higher education opportunities. Completing a 2-year A-level course is a transformative journey for students that extends far beyond the final examination. It offers a world-class qualification and equips students with a comprehensive set of skills, knowledge, and personal growth opportunities that are invaluable for their future endeavors.

A-levels, which are widely recognised around the world, provide students with rigorous academic experience. Students gain in-depth knowledge and expertise by delving deep into their chosen subjects. This prepares them for higher education and enhances their problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills, which are crucial for any career path. Furthermore, it fosters a strong work ethic, time management, and independent learning, all essential for success in today's competitive world.
Universities recognise the high standard of A Levels, and students are often highly sought after for their proven ability to handle challenging content and their readiness for the demands of higher education.

With A – Levels, students are well-prepared for the academic challenges ahead and equipped with a qualification that opens doors to prestigious universities and careers.

More than just academic pursuits, A-levels encourage personal growth. The two-year duration of the course allows students to mature and discover their passions and strengths. They learn essential life skills to handle challenges, setbacks, and successes. It offers opportunities for extracurricular activities, leadership roles, and community engagement, all contributing to a well-rounded individual.

It's important to acknowledge that there are no shortcuts to lifelong preparation. A 2-year A-level course instils the value of hard work and dedication. It reinforces the notion that sustained effort is necessary to
achieves goals. In an era where instant gratification is prevalent, A- levels provide a counterbalance, teaching students the virtues of patience and perseverance.

The ability to adapt and learn is essential in a constantly evolving world. A- Levels equip students with a foundation of knowledge and a mindset that supports lifelong learning. This priceless asset transcends any examination or certificate, preparing students not just for a single test but for a lifetime of personal and professional growth.


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