House Competitions

May 15, 2024

    1. House song competition

    In the electrifying realm of the dance floor, the four houses gathered to battle it out for the ultimate house song crown: Phoenix, Dragon, Lion, and Unicorn.

    Dragon took the stage, spitting fire with their track selection, but it seems they got a little lost in the smoky haze.

    Phoenix followed suit, their beats ablaze with intensity, but they seemed to have a bit of a hot and cold reception compared to the Lion's who roared into second place, bringing the wild rhythm of the savannah to life, but it was Unicorn who truly stole the spotlight. With a magical blend of enchanting melodies, Unicorn won the hearts and minds of the teachers and sang its way to the top, leaving the Dragon's smoked and breathless.

    2. Badminton tournament

    The school's badminton house tournament finals were a thrilling spectacle, showcasing the extraordinary talent and sportsmanship of the students. In the Key Stage 3 category, Benjamin, a determined Year 9 student representing Unicorn, faced off against Pune, a skillful Year 8 competitor representing House Dragon. The match was a nail-biter, with both players displaying remarkable agility and precision. In the end, Pune emerged as the champion of Key Stage 3, proving his prowess on the badminton court and earning well-deserved accolades for House Dragon.

    In the Upper School division, the intensity reached new heights as Son, a Year 10 student representing House Lion, squared off against Peam, his fellow Year 10 from the same house. The game was a captivating clash filled with tension, as both players pushed their limits to secure victory. Ultimately, Son demonstrated exceptional skills and resilience, emerging as the champion for the upper school and bringing glory to House Lion. As the grand finale unfolded, Son from Year 10 faced Pune, the young sensation from Year 8. The battle was fierce, but Son's experience and determination prevailed, making him the overall champion of the tournament, amidst cheers and applause from his house and fellow students.

    3. Chess tournament

    In the final chess showdown between two Dragon members, Pune and Kaopun in KS3, Pune secured a glorious victory in a strategically charged final. The match unfolded with calculated moves and tactical precision, culminating in Pune's decisive win. The House Dragon added a unique twist to the game, creating an atmosphere of intense competition as Pune emerged as the champion!

    Meanwhile, from the upper school, we have had some intense and shocking results between all houses. Ping Ping of house Unicorn managed to swiftly mop Pin in year 10 from house Phoenix, breaking all odds. On the other side, Sinchan representing house Phoenix defeated Win from house Dragon. The final is drawing closer now, but just like teams in the Premier league, there are no favourites this year because we've had a lot of surprises. 

    4. Table Tennis tournament

    In the fast paced and competitive Key Stage 3 front, the table tennis final proved intense between dragons Alice and Pune. Alice's victory not only showcased exceptional skills and determination but also contributed crucial points to a glorious dragon winning streak.

    In a thrilling KS4/5 table tennis match between House Dragon and House Phoenix, it seemed victory was within the grasp of House Dragon's champion, Win. With each volley and exchange, the match remained neck and neck, creating an atmosphere of intense anticipation. However, just when victory seemed certain for Win, Sinchan from House Phoenix executed a remarkable comeback. With skillful precision and determination, Sinchan turned the tide of the game, surprising everyone with a sudden reversal of fortune. In the end, against all odds, Sinchan emerged victorious, securing a memorable win for House Phoenix in what was initially a closely contested match.

    5. Football competition

    With Win from House Dragon leading as the top goal scorer with 23 goals and carrying his team, the Dragons emerged victorious in both the league and cup finals against the second-placed Lion.

    The cup final culminated in a gripping penalty shootout between House Dragon and Lion, extending until both goalkeepers made crucial saves and goals were scored. It was one of the most intense shootouts witnessed, occurring after both teams had equalized during extra time.

    6. Basketball competition

    The RBIS basketball tournament is underway, with the Dragons already in the finals, eagerly awaiting the clash between the Phoenix and the Lion. Both teams have emerged strong from the playoffs, and now only one decisive game remains to determine the finalist. Phoenix, after a setback in the initial game, has made a comeback.

    7. E-sports FIFA (EFC) tournament

    We've had two exciting games so far! In the first match, Mr. Asena from Phoenix faced off against Jericho from Phoenix. At first, Mr. Asena underestimated Jericho, and had to unleash his inner super saiyan mode to secure a 5-1 victory. On the flip side, Peam from House Lion, who was expected to defeat Pin from House Phoenix, ended up losing in a penalty shootout after both teams put up a strong defensive game.