Sports Day 2024

May 15, 2024

On December 4, early-years, primary, and secondary students enthusiastically took part in the RBIS Sports Day at Bangkok Stadium. The day commenced with a captivating parade, setting the stage for a series of exciting competitions. Demonstrating remarkable potential, all students showcased their abilities in a spectacular manner. The event painted a beautiful picture of unity, teamwork, and determination, as every student strived to lead their team to victory.

The competition kicked off with a challenging 200-meter sprint, where students pushed their limits to achieve their best times and earn valuable points for their house team. While the initial stretch seemed manageable, the final 50 meters posed a real test of the participants' physical endurance. A hearty congratulations to all who took part in this demanding race.

Following the sprint was a unique blindfolded game that engaged senses beyond sight. Students, relying on trust and effective communication, guided blindfolded teammates through obstacles to reach the finish line. This activity emphasized the importance of teamwork and showcased the participants' ability to navigate challenges with precision.

The pinnacle of the day was the 100-meter run, a spirited event in which all students enthusiastically participated. Witnessing the astonishing speed and determination of each runner was a true highlight, as they collectively scored significant points for their respective houses. Well done to all the students for their outstanding performances in making the sports day a memorable success!

Tug of war, a sport demanding every student's full strength to pull down the opposing team, showcased impressive displays of power. The teams engaged in a fierce back-and-forth, tugging at the ropes for several intense minutes.

The ball-balancing game followed, requiring seamless teamwork as four participants collaborated to keep the ball on the mat. This seemingly simple task proved challenging when competing against other teams, emphasizing the importance of coordination and cooperation.

The climax of the sports day was a football match between the staff and students. This highly intense game witnessed both groups giving their all in pursuit of victory. Despite the students' advantage in sheer strength, the staff team emerged victorious under the leadership of our dedicated physical education teacher, Coach Charmil.

The day's events not only showcased the physical prowess of our students but also highlighted the importance of teamwork and strategy in achieving success. Well done to everyone for making the sports day a memorable and spirited occasion!

The day concluded with the presentation of medals to the teams based on their total scores. The first-place winner is Dragon, followed by the Lions as the first runner-up, Unicorn as the second runner-up, and Phoenix as the third runner-up. Congratulations to all the participants for their outstanding efforts! Well done!