February 9, 2023

MSc in Operations Research and Analytics, National University of Singapore

"My time at RBIS was truly unforgettable. I loved school so much that holidays felt like an eternity. Despite the school's smaller size, I was able to form close relationships with students of all-year classes, many of whom remain my closest friends today. The teachers at RBIS were incredibly supportive, creating a positive and enjoyable learning environment. Thanks to their guidance, I was able to discover my unique qualities and develop a strong mindset and a thirst for knowledge. These skills have proven invaluable to me throughout my life.

After completing my education at RBIS, I went on to earn a Bachelor's degree in Economics with a focus on Quantitative Economics from EBA, Chulalongkorn University, followed by two Master's degrees in Financial Engineering from Chulalongkorn University, and Operations Research and Analytics from the National University of Singapore, respectively. My studies confirmed my passion for research, mathematics, and stock trading, and I am now fortunate enough to be working as a quantitative trader, doing what I love every day.

During my school years, I excelled in two seemingly disparate subjects - Art and Maths. Choosing between the two was a difficult decision, but I eventually settled on Maths. However, art remains a beloved hobby of mine and provides a much-needed outlet for creativity and stress relief."   This is a link to a blog I've been working on in my free time, I plan to write about quantitative finance, maths, and programming