Ratchawit Janewithayapun

February 9, 2023
Ratchawit Janewithayapun

Faculty of chemical engineering Thamasart university

The time I spent at RBIS was definitely full of fun experiences and memories. What I remember most fondly though, is how I had the chance to get to know pretty much everyone in the school; from the seniors and juniors to the teachers and staff, the school’s smaller size meant there was a chance to know everyone. There were other experiences too of course. I can still picture the football tournaments I went through in 7th to 9th grade quite vividly and on a more academic end, I still remember the fun and wonders of the chemistry experiments in the lab. These are some of the ones that come to mind – but as there are so many great experiences it is quite hard to choose as there were so many fulfilling and enjoyable moments.