Patrick Srilawong

April 10, 2023

Patrick Srilawong - graduated from RBIS in 2020

I started studying at RBIS from Year 3 until I completed my A Levels in 2020. My experience at RBIS has been invaluable and I am forever grateful to all my friends and teachers who have helped me along the way. I was fortunate enough to be taught by great teachers about many different subjects, especially Mathematics and Business which have become very relevant to my current field of studies. The high level of education I received during my A Levels adequately prepared me for university-level work.

I am currently attending Chulalongkorn University as a second-year student, studying in the Bachelor of Arts Program in Economics (EBA). Despite a bumpy first year where most of my learning was done online, I am now back to studying on-campus for all my courses. I am very much enjoying my university experience so far and I am finding my courses to be very interesting and economically informative. Other than academics, I am also a member of my faculty’s Running Club where I participate in the university’s sports tournaments. During my time at RBIS, I greatly enjoyed competing in sports against other schools, therefore I am glad that I could continue that experience in university.

I consider myself lucky to have made many close friends at RBIS who have always supported me and to have had teachers who taught me important skills that I would later make great use of in my life.