Educational Trips

Educational Field Trip plays a vital role in the school curriculum. Students’ education does not only take place in the classroom. Their learning can take place from the real experience especially when the school plans the trip to enhance the topic of their study. Educational trips help to widen the horizons of knowledge and broaden the scope of the curriculum. It also enhances their critical thinking skills and gives them a chance to think about a topic or theme from a different perspective.

Another significant benefit from the educational trip is the acquisition of soft skills, life skills, communication skills and more. Students learn to be independent, build self-confidence and immerse themselves in unique experiences.

For example, a visit to historical museums or ancient cities will make history subject more real. The students will be able to imagine the events and characters in history subject. On a field trip in a biology class, teachers can guide the students to observe certain types of insects, trees and animals. 

Our students always enjoy the educational field trip as it helps to awaken their interest and learn by doing a hands-on experience.

A well-rounded education cannot be completed without purposeful educational field trips.

June 1, 2023
SEA LIFE Bangkok

As part of their Habitats and Animals unit of learning, students of RBIS experienced life underwater. The children were fascinated with all the various animals that Sea Life, Bangkok had to offer.

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May 10, 2023
Art Trip to Hua Hin

During the long weekend of 3rd to 7th May 2023, the art students from year 10 and year twelve embarked on an exciting painting trip to Huahin.

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September 24, 2022
Paws Claws and Whiskers

It is a Science-based Topic that involves identifying, observing and classifying animals.

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August 9, 2022
RBIS’s Trekking to the Stars Trip

Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.

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