School Policies

Our school policies and procedures are designed to provide students, parents, staff and the Governing Board with an instant picture of the principles of the school. They allow standards to be raised and values to be communicated clearly.

Our policies cover a pupil’s welfare and safeguarding, teaching and learning practices and staff matters. They provide an important framework for the school that will ensure consistency in applying values and principles throughout the establishment.

School policies can be categorised as follows:

  • Health related policies, e.g. for general sickness
  • Behaviour related policies, e.g. school policies on bullying or lateness to school
  • Learning related policies, e.g. a whole school policy for literacy
  • Technology and safeguarding related policies, e.g. school policies on e-safety, mobile phones, ICT and social media
  • Diversity policies, e.g. on religion, race and special educational needs

A selection of policy documents is made available on the school’s website. Other policies which may be needed by students, parents and staff are housed in the My RBIS Portal which requires a unique login and password to access.  

Each one of the school policies is reviewed regularly by the RBIS Senior Management Team and other colleagues who have specific responsibility and expertise.  It is the responsibility of the Senior Management Team to ensure compliance with the school policies and to review and amend them in accordance with regulatory change and actual school case practice.