Merit Scholarships

RBIS International School has been offering scholarships to worthy students for a number of years.

The scholarship programme can be a life-changing opportunity for a select few students who excel in academics, the creative arts or sport.

In addition to an individual candidate’s academic potential and achievement, selection for the Merit Scholarships is based on evidence of teamwork, leadership skills, critical thinking and engagement within their community.

Successful candidates will benefit from our outstanding teaching, small class sizes and a focus on individual support and guidance. The scholarship will enable students to reach their academic potential while developing their character and compassion for others.

Merit Scholarship recipients tend to be the most active students in the School.

RBIS Scholars have led school activities, sports teams, assemblies, fundraising and community outreach programs. While scholarship recipients are expected to be academically competitive, they also pursue excellence in a community-minded and collaborative manner.

Timeline: Please arrange a school visit with the School Admissions Office.  Tel.02-6445291

Who can apply?

Students aged 11-13 years

Selection Criteria

A student may be considered for an Open Scholarship or Merit Scholarship if they present: – outstanding results in assessment tests administered by RBIS, outstanding academic reports from their current school and a high level of commitment to study at interview.

Non-Academic Scholarship candidates will need to present evidence of high achievement in the Creative Arts or Sport.

A successful candidate will receive a discount in tuition fees of up to 50%
(excluding field trips, examination fees and other direct costs)

To learn more and to apply contact: –
The RBIS School Admissions Team on +66 2 6445291 or email to [email protected]