RBIS’s Governing Board

As stewards of the School’s long-term future, Board Members hold the primary responsibility for the development of the School’s mission, and for the strategic planning that will ensure the achievement of that mission in close collaboration with the School’s leadership team and stakeholders.  The School Board has responsibility for making plans, setting policies and making decisions that will best ensure the viability of the school mission now and for the future.

RBIS is governed by a Board of Directors with professional background in corporate business and academics.

The current board members are:

Khun Arwenun Klipbua
Executive Director RBIS International School

Assistant Professor Amornrat

Khun Kannaporn

Mr Timothy Ralph Cooper
RBIS Headmaster

RBIS’s Governing Board

The role of school governance is to help raise students’ standards of achievement. Raising educational standards in school is a key priority. We are accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community.

Our school governance works as a team, and we are responsible for making sure the school provides good quality education for all students. We promote effective ways of teaching and learning and set the school aims and policies as well as plan for the school’s future direction. Headteachers are recruited and selected by governors and most headteachers are part of the school governance.  

Our school governance team is consisted of:

Ms. Arwenun Klipbua – School Executive Director, [email protected]

Assistant Professor Dr Amonrat Kulsudjarit, [email protected]

Ms. Kannaporn Assamongkol, [email protected]

Mr. Giles Mongare, [email protected]