Foundation for the Better Life of Children

February 26, 2024

On Saturday 27th January students from our 6th Form and our House captains went to see the children at the “Foundation for the Better Life of Children.” Their task was to take donations kindly given by the RBIS community in our Christmas Charity Appeal to help children in need. This was a chance to visit the children again and give them a day to remember.

Upon arrival, they set up some games and activities for the children; Knock down the Cans, Bounce the Ping Pong ball into the Carton, and an art activity. The children thoroughly enjoyed the games where they had the opportunity to win many prizes as well. Next, the children came to the toy table and selected a toy; they were very excited and all took their time to pick a toy. It was then time to give out Christmas cards which again the children liked and many read the wishes inside their cards. Our 6th Form then gave the children a bag of snacks.

Last event, we had a large teddy bear and a pink elephant to give away. All the children's names were in a hat and one lucky child won the elephant and another child won the teddy bear as their names were pulled out.

The children from the Foundation thanked the RBIS students and Poom gave a short speech saying how much he hoped they had enjoyed the morning. It was time to pack up and return to RBIS.

Our thanks to Hans, Jericho, Bianca, Poom, Mariha, Le'pain, Mei, Emery, Lolo, and Jenny for giving up their Saturday morning to help children in need. They did a wonderful job and should be proud of giving children from the Foundation a morning to remember. Thanks also to Ms Reid, Mr De Smet, and Mr Reed for joining the RBIS students for such a fantastic event.