Welcome from the Head of Secondary

Welcome to RBIS Secondary School

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to the Secondary school. Here you will find information regarding the curriculum and qualifications that we offer our students through key stage three (years 7 to 9), key stage four (years 10 – 11: IGCSE) and key stage five (years 12 and 13: A levels and Btec). As you explore the information on the site you will also see the value that we place on creating a safe and friendly school environment, which offers students a wealth of extracurricular activities and opportunities.


Our secondary teaching staff offer students a wonderful learning environment which inspires a love of learning and a desire to explore new experiences and skills. Our staff are highly qualified experts in their subjects, and encourage students to enjoy their learning through progressive teaching styles, activities and projects. Our curriculum creates a balance between academic and creative skill-sets, preparing students for the next step in their educational journey.


As a school, we have high standards and expectations of achievement for our students. We believe in the personal progress of students and create a bespoke learning experience that fosters individual social, emotional and intellectual growth. We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ education model and prove time and time again that academic challenge and success is achievable for all. The students at our school make significant progress, and the environment and small class sizes mean that a majority of students achieve beyond their targets and expectations. Our GCSE results in 2018 continued the schools trend of success, as over 91% of students gained five A*-C grades; an impressive achievement compared with the UK average of 69.3% and higher than many large international schools in Bangkok.


We are proud of our students in the secondary school, and are delighted to say that we offer an alternative educational environment to the other international schools in Bangkok. Our students are happy, engaged, intelligent individuals who wear their RBIS uniform with pride,as they know they are part of a supportive community who value each other.

I look forward to seeing you at the Secondary school.

Mr Mathew Sillett
Head of Secondary
Email: headofs@rbis.ac.th


RBIS use a variety of communication tools to reach and inform our community. You will notice as you navigate through the site that we value the use of digital communication and social media. Our facebook page is a wonderful place to keep up to date with school news and events that are taking place, and we use Line as a one way communication tool for parents.


Our Learning Management System (LMS) Schoolbase is an online system that parents are able to login to see announcements and download student reports. We also regularly contact parents through email and have developed our Secondary Newsletter online to allow everyone to keep up to date with what has been going on this academic year.

Although the digital age means that as a school we are able to fit in with the busy lives of our community. We value face to face meetings above all other communication. As head of Secondary, I run an open door policy, and welcome visitors to the school.

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