Welcome From The Head of Primary

Welcome to the webpages for the RBIS Bangkok Primary School. We hope that you find the information provided useful and that you get an insight into life at our wonderful school.

Our school motto is ‘Aim Even Higher’ and this is apparent in everything that we do.

Building on the nurture of the Early Years Foundation Stage this section of the RBIS community provides an education for children in the Key Stage 1and Key Stage 2 age groups giving a strong foundation of academic learning, along with the key personal development skills of independence and individual responsibility for learning and action. These skills allow for seamless transition to further academic learning and examination programmes in the RBIS Secondary Department.

As a learning community, the children of the RBIS Primary at the heart of all that we do. Our aim is to provide the very best for every child within a caring environment where everyone is happy, safe and secure.

Based on the national curriculum of England and Wales and adhering to the requirements of the Thai Ministry of Education, the school provides a broad and balanced curriculum along with rich educational experiences. It is this blend that goes some way to contribute to the unique qualities of the school.

The size of teaching groups supports wonderful working relationships between pupils and their teachers and our understanding that each of child is unique is essential to the nature of the school.

We offer a personalized approach to learning that provides appropriate challenge for those children with particular gifts and talents and specific support for those with identified learning needs. Specialist staff support children who are new to the English language. Additionally, programmes are in offered for supplementary EAL learning after-school and during Saturday Schools.

At RBIS we believe that every child can be a successful learner, working towards fulfilling their individual potential in all areas of learning. We encourage our students to be unique, creative, open-minded, reflective and independent; respectful of themselves and of others in our school community and our wider world.  We aim to guide and nurture our students, so they understand the opportunities they have to make a positive difference to the world in which we all live.

Every part of the day is identified as a learning opportunity and learning within the classroom is enhanced by a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to fully engage in the life of the school, taking on additional responsibilities such as School Council representatives, junior prefects and junior librarians.

RBIS wants to provide an outstanding education with unforgettable memories for children within our school community. If you would like to see the school in action, then we would welcome the opportunity to show you around and answer any questions that you may have.

To keep up to date with future events, please read the information on our calendar.

Meanwhile, enjoy our website and social media channels which showcase just some of the fabulous learning taking place at RBIS Bangkok Primary School.


Tony Williams
Head of Primary
Email: headofp@rbis.ac.th


As with any educational organization, great communication and family engagement is key to the success of RBIS.

With so many involved in the school’s community – and a busier than ever world, information overload is one of the greatest social problems we all face. So here are some ideas about how our communication networks work, allowing the RBIS community to keep pace with developments with our clear focus on accuracy, reliability and satisfaction.

Our school website is an indispensable hub for school communication and a central source of information. You may find us at www.rbis.ac.th

Our Facebook account allows parents, teachers and students to follow the school to see photos, announcements and daily information. Our account details are www.facebook.com/RBIS.School

Our Line account in Bangkok city is a one-way information providing tool. Line ID: @rbis_news

Our Learning Management System (School Base) allows parents to access general school information and individual pupil reports.   Our parent portal is: www.schoobase.rbis.ac.th

Support is provided by the Academic Administrator Ms. Star Catequista (academic_admin@rbis.ac.th)

Please look out for our collaborative Head of School blog that lets everyone from the academic team to the administrative team to share news, shout outs, photos and information.

While modern technology provides so many opportunities for communication – the authentic in-person meeting, both at parent-teacher meetings and focus-group events gives everyone a great opportunity to share in the life of students and the wider RBIS community. Please do not lose this vital human skill.

Links to Other RBIS Sections

The RBIS provision of an ‘all-through’ school education is an advantage recognized and valued by all in our school community.

Whilst celebrating the diversity of EYFS, Primary and Secondary phases, the sections of our school within RBIS as one educational foundation allow for the long-term view of a child’s educational journey to be in full focus each step of the way.

Secure transitions take place in a familiar environment that includes established friendship groups and familiarity both with staff and school routines. These transitions avoid the disruption of moving schools.

Seamless curriculum delivery adds value at every stage of your child’s learning. We build upon strong EYFS foundations, allowing younger students in the Primary section benefit from specialist facilities and specialist subject staffing at a younger age, in lessons and extra-curricular activity options. Our students move through to the rigour and challenge of an RBIS Secondary learning, benefitting from globally recognized examination programs and academic success.

Our diverse senior leadership team allows us to pool expertise and experience to support the entire age range within a single vision for the school and a consistent educational ethos.

In passing we remind parents with several children, that the logistics of one school looking after different age groups of learning and clubs makes a great deal of sense.

Whilst it is natural for parents to keep themselves updated through tools such as the RBIS Headmaster’s Blog and News from the Primary School, we strongly encourage parents to access information from each of the school sections in order to fully appreciate the life of RBIS as an ‘all-through’ school.

Continuity is one of the keys to our success.