Visit to Pinkaew School

June 1, 2023

The school was recently affected by the floods and is in need of assistance to repair their facilities and provide resources for their students. Some of our 6th form and footballers visited the school to meet the children and teachers.                                                                                                                                                                         We began with some welcoming speeches and then the football match began.  What an exciting match! Students, staff, friends, family, and community members attended and vigorously cheered on both teams. There were Palhinha-worthy tackles and Ronaldo-style goals; when the score reached 2-2, it could have gone either way; big shout out to the RBIS goalie Peam who saved not two but three consecutive shots. Under constant pressure from Pinkaew’s

number 9, RBIS broke forward and fired a shot into the goal's bottom right, giving RBIS the victory! Final score: 3-2 to RBIS.

After the football match we held some fun activities for the children to enjoy. These were well received with shouts of excitement as they attempted the challenges. After lunch we looked around the school to see how we could help them with repairing their facilities and what resources they needed.

Comments from our 6th form: 

Hafsa - The trip to Pinkaew School was an insightful experience on what community service is about and I can’t wait to visit again and put into action what we have planned  Kenny - I'm so happy and excited to see the children getting snacks and participate in the activities. In June, we will renovate the classrooms and bring some of the items that the school needs.                                                                                     

Awei - I was honestly shocked to see the state of the classrooms and it’s heartbreaking knowing that less fortunate children have to learn with no aircon or computers.