May 30, 2023

Let's give a special shoutout to the following students who achieved remarkable success in the challenge:

 Bronze Certificates:

Janice (Year 6)

Devalin (Year 7)

Davin (Year 8 )

Gold Certificates:

Indy (Year 7)

Alice (Year 7)

Benjamin (Year 8 )

But that's not all! We have another reason to celebrate!

Let's give a huge round of applause to Alice (Year 7) for not only securing a gold certificate but also winning the coveted "Best in School" award!  Alice, your exceptional performance has truly impressed us all. Well done!

To all the participants, we hope this experience has ignited a passion for mathematics within you. Remember, every challenge you undertake helps you grow stronger and more confident in your abilities.

We would also like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the teachers, parents, and guardians who have supported these talented individuals throughout their journey. Your guidance and encouragement are invaluable!

Once again, congratulations to all the winners and participants of the UKMT Junior Mathematical Challenge 2023! Your achievements make us immensely proud!