July 10, 2019


June 7, 2019, Friday.. Bangkok faced one of the heaviest downpours in the afternoon for a continuous 2.5 hrs and by the time, it was school pickup, the traffic on the road had come to a standstill.. With public transportation completely available and walking made almost possible with the water logged roads, I was desperate to reach the school on time.. I live at a distance of 3.2 kms from School and a brisk walking usually takes 45 minutes.. But by car, took me 2.5 hours to reach the school, to wade through the floods and cruise through the available small sois..

Between 4 pm and 6.30 pm, I, as a frantic mom, anxious about my child, made numerous calls to the school..The school manager, Mr. Noom was very reassuring and took efforts to give live updates about the waiting kids.. There was not even the slightest agitation in his voice, though he must have received sfo many calls from many parents.. I was expecting the kids to be restless, hungry, anxious and scared..

At 6:30 pm, when I reached the school, there was the Head of Primary, Mr. Cooper, himself, at the gate, along with a Teaching assistant, a security and 3 more staff from the administrative block, waiting to handover the kids to their parents.. It was such a huge relief as a parent, to see a staff battalion who ensured our children's safety during a crisis..

The kids were hungry, alright.. but no signs of anxiety or whatsoever.. Rather they were happily making use of their extra play hours..

The Head of Primary left only when the last of the waiting child's parent arrived..

Team RBIS put on a great show of responsibility on that day and we are immensely grateful for that.. Thank you..

Gratefully yours,
Mrs. Ramya Ramesh.