STEM week

October 19, 2022

Come to join our STEM week (25-28 October). You can arrange the day and time that you like to visit. This is an excellent opportunity to see how we teach STEM.

A visit will allow you to see the school in action and meet our staff and students. The student will also be able to discuss career guidance and university destination. Our headteacher will also be there for parents who want to discuss the scholarship opportunity. 


Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is all about preparing future generations to be successful in life.

The skills gained from STEM education are not only valuable to students interested in pursuing STEM careers but also allow those with varied interests who move into any industry to have the necessary and valuable skills needed for their careers.

At RBIS, we develop students’ STEM skills and allow students to stay ahead of the game by fostering genuine curiosity to learn. We challenge the perception that “STEM isn’t for everyone” and give students meaningful insight into possible STEM careers and fields they may pursue in future.

The vast and rapidly developing field of STEM is diverse and ever-changing, and we take our responsibility of preparing the future STEM leaders of the world very seriously.

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