A Wide Range Of Extra-Curricular Activities

Sixth Form Students at RBIS are able to participate in a wide variety of clubs, trips and activities throughout their time here. Extra-curricular activities (ECAs) are organised by staff and local organisations to provide extension and enrichment of the official curriculum.

Examples: urban sketching, RBIS band, body balance and relaxation, singing, basketball, swimming, football, etc.

Extensive Pastoral Care


For many students, the transition from Y.11 to Sixth Form can be challenging, so RBIS is committed to offering extensive pastoral care to do as much as possible to ensure the academic and personal well-being of every individual student.

Our Sixth Form team, including our Head of Sixth Form, form tutors, subject teachers and support staff are always available to help with anything from practical day-to-day issues to academic or personal challenges. Together we offer wide-ranging provision:

  • Supporting the successful transition of students from Y11 into the Sixth Form.
  • Contributing to students’ personal development as mentors and coaches.
  • Providing personalised academic advice and guidance to help students achieve the best results they can.
  • Having school systems in place for pastoral support and intervention, safeguarding and wellbeing.

All our Sixth Form students are assigned to a tutor group, led by a form tutor who they will meet each morning, giving them the opportunity to discuss both academic and pastoral matters.