I want to express my sincere appreciation to our wider school community for their encouragement and support during these trying times.

The spread of the COVID 19 virus has been rapid and our school has been receiving daily updates from Government Ministries (Public Health and Education ) and also from ISAT (The International Schools Association of Thailand).

As soon as we receive advice or directives we pass them on to our community in both Thai and English. Over the past two weeks, you would have received numerous communications from the school, the most recent being the need for the school to check passports to ensure families have not travelled to identified countries and returned to Thailand.

The RBIS community can be confident that the school will continue to provide a quality programme in a traditional or digital platform.. We are monitoring the health of all students and staff on a daily basis and will continue to undertake precautionary measures to prevent the virus from spreading to our school.

This past week all our teachers have been preparing a digital learning platform so that teaching and learning can continue in case of a possible school closure ( if the COVID 19 crisis continues).

In the event of any school in Thailand being forced to close for an extended period of time, The Ministry of Education requires that schools ensure the delivery of 180 school days in any academic year. At RBIS our objective is to provide effective continuity of service to learners, with a commitment that students should be provided with teaching and learning if the school must close for an extended period of time. Our Parents and students will be trained in using the protocols and we expect all students to comply with the required interactions with their teachers and lessons. Failure to do so will result in marked absences from school.

How Can Parents Prepare?
To access online learning we suggest you have a device which you can use – ideally a modern tablet, laptop or desktop computer and ensure you have a strong internet connection

Specific strategies for accessing the virtual learning protocols for Early Years, Primary and Secondary can be found on the following links:

EYFS School Closure Teaching and Learning Protocols

Primary School Closure Teaching and Learning Protocols

Secondary School Closure Teaching and Learning Protocols


Dr Bruce Robinson

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