RBIS Secondary School

RBIS offers a student centred learning environment that follows the British National Curriculum from Key Stage three to Key Stage five. We combine academic rigour, creative expression and community spirit to ensure well rounded graduates who are prepared for their future.

Students are supported by our personal community environment where there are no unfamiliar faces, and they are cared for by our supportive pastoral system in which every pupil has their own form tutor that they see on a daily basis.


Our average Class size of eight fosters personality growth and academic progress; we ensure that everyone has time with the teacher and is challenged to make significant personal progress. This progress is tracked with both internal and external testing and we assess students on a regular basis; sending reports to parents through our LMS schoolbase to keep them up to date. We also run several student led conferences a year, this allows students to reflect on their progress and discuss this with their teachers and parents.