“One moment can change a day,
one day can change a life
and one life can change the world.”

At RBIS we celebrate the teaching and learning moments that change lives


An RBIS student will be a life-long learner who is independent, respectful, responsible and confident

An RBIS student will be future-proof, prepared and adaptable for change

An RBIS student will demonstrate global awareness and acceptance of other cultures and beliefs

An RBIS student will demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills

An RBIS student will be an active participant in contributing to a healthy and environmentally conscious community through the ability to anticipate, recognise and meet other’s needs

Our school will inspire students’ individual talents, academic growth and personal fulfillment

Within our school community we will share knowledge, culture, experiences, values and a love of learning


Compassion We notice when others are hurting, we stop to help, taking time to listen, do what we can and be kind regardless of differences

Honesty and Integrity We nurture students with strong principles and values providing a foundation for life

Determination We will face challenges and not be discouraged by failure and keep trying

Generosity We are collaborative and cooperative in all our relationships

Resilience We are dedicated and committed to life-long learning

Creativity We think about tasks and ideas in new ways – seeing things from more than one perspective

Respect We will appreciate and support Thai culture and internationalism and treat others the way we want to be treated

Mindfulness We will be mindful of our place in the world and the need to be a contributing global Citizen