RBIS Community Service Project

September 25, 2022

Our project was to create a play area for the children at Ban Bo Pho School in Phitsanulok Province. We are pleased to let you know this has now been completed. We were helped by the school community and you can see how hard they worked to change the original play area into a more appealing environment. We were able to purchase a wide variety of play equipment as well as some toys for the children to enjoy while playing in the sand. The school asked for an outdoor sink unit which, with help from local workers, we were able to provide. You can see how much the children enjoy their new play area. We completed our stay at the school by providing the children with a cooked lunch. On behalf of the children and their teachers at Ban Bo Pho School we thank the RBIS students, parents and teachers for their support in raising the funds to make this possible. A special thanks to Mr. Reed and his family for carrying out the project at the school.