Extra Curricular Activities

In the RBIS Primary School our Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) Programme is a both a natural and exciting extension of our academic learning programme.

We offer an extensive number of ECAs (currently 30 per week within the Primary School alone) covering a wide range of learning opportunities. These sessions give students the benefits of a productive break from their studies, allowing for new interests to be explored and skills to be built outside of the classroom.

We know that RBIS ECAs allow our students to build new friendships with people with whom they share interests, and provide social opportunities which improve communication, social and collaboration skills.

To support students taking part in our ECA programme we show how each ECA contributes to learning.

Advanced ECAs are targeted at pupils who are already confident in a curriculum area and who are looking to be challenged to even higher achievements.

Enhanced ECAs are targeted at pupils who already enjoy a curriculum area and who are looking to experience broader learning opportunities in a subject they enjoy.

Supportive ECAs are targeted at pupils who are working hard in class but would benefit from extra support, guidance and time with their teacher to make even faster progress.

To help parents and pupils to make good choices class teachers and the school leadership will consider information provided by pupils in their “My Personal Development Record” documentation and share recommendations.

Examples of our ECA benefits include Science or STEM activities encouraging RBIS students to be innovative and creative. In complementing our Computer Science curriculum our related ECAs of Digital Literacy, Computer Science – Coding, and Robotics bring stimulation and engagement.

Our additional physical activities contribute to a balanced approach to school life and studies and can bring immediate and long-term health benefits.

International studies evidence the positive benefits for students taking part in ECAs including improvements in academic attainment. We know that such student commitment looks great on a resume but also appreciate the value of a few strong consistent activities. To this end, each term, we provide continuity for much loved options and add in new and refreshed opportunities to learn together.

Round Square

RBIS Bangkok Primary School is proud to be part of the Round Square Organization.

Schools following a Round Square approach to education share a commitment to character education and the joy of experiential learning built around 6 ideals:  International Understanding, Democracy, Environmental Stewardship, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

As way markers on this learning journey the students in school experience 12 discoveries:
inquisitiveness, tenacity, courage, compassion, inventiveness, the ability to solve problems, self-awareness, a sense of responsibility, an appreciation of diversity, a commitment to sustainability, along with communication and team-working skills.

We hold an assembly based on a Round Square theme each month.

To celebrate our participation in Round Square the students in RBIS Primary work with the Superhero Character on the school wall in our soi to represent these six characteristics.

Community And Charity

Engagement and responsibility

The charitable activities within RBIS Primary are an element within our curriculum programme (Personal, Social and Health Education / Citizenship) and a contributing factor in terms of our broader education of students through individual engagement, participation in collective school activities, and engendering a broader sense of social responsibilities.

Our support for charitable causes is not always about money. We encourage children to think of helping in other ways including social responsibility or caring for others. Taking part in community activities like litter-picking can help foster this sense of giving time rather than money.

The key to making any fundraising or community project effective is to unite students, staff and parents so they can coordinate projects together, with the shared goal of achieving something positive for the school and wider community.

Our activities bring a sense of common purpose and help build a strong school ethos.

National And International Days

With students representing many nations of the world, our national and international celebrations mark key milestones in the school’s annual calendar and are at the  heart to the cultural nature of RBIS Bangkok as an international school.

Thai national celebrations include; the appropriate marking of days related to Thai Royal family celebrations and commemorations, Chulalongkorn Day, and the festivals of Loy Krathong and Songkran.

Such important events bring an understanding of traditional and cultural belief.

During our International days we not only celebrate the rich mix of our nationalities but see students benefitting from inter-cultural exchange and learning from each other in so many different ways.

International days include; Chinese New Year and our own internal International Day celebrations

Through celebrating our diversity we bring about our unity; and the excitement of these events provides educational experiences and memories that will last a lifetime