October School

September 4, 2022

What is October School?

October School is a unique opportunity for prospective students to experience student life at RBIS. Students will spend time in class with the current RBIS Students. They can see how other students interact with each other and with teachers. In this way, the reality of the school can be experienced by the student first-hand. By joining October School, you can decide if you are ready to become our full-time RBIS student.

Early Years – Going to school for the first time is a big step for little children and parents. October School provides a perfect opportunity to learn what to expect on your child’s first day of kindergarten. Meeting and getting to know the headteacher and class teacher who can answer many questions for you can help this first-time school experience be joyful.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Is my child ready for kindergarten?

What to expect when my child goes to kindergarten and, of course, the educational journey.

Can I sit with them in the class?

And many more…

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School Time: Start at 8.00 AM – 2.45 PM

You can choose to attend the whole day or half day.

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Primary School – Children’s future success has much to do with good primary education. UNICEF states that Primary Education forms the bedrock of development. This is a time when children develop their characters and valuable life skills. In primary school, children learn foundation skills that prepare them for life, work, and active citizenship. October School provides a perfect opportunity for students and parents to learn more about quality education and what RBIS provides.

An October student will be paired with a current student as a ‘buddy’ on the first day of school. So, your child’s time at RBIS will be enjoyable and full of fun. Our Headteacher and Head of the Primary Department will meet with parents to discuss the critical topics that you like to ask. Join us and find out Why Primary school is so essential? and

What will be the best kind of support that parents can give?

School Time: 8:00 AM – 14:45 PM

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Secondary School – This is where their future career starts to form. This is when the students learn to find their place in life and understand their mission. As students move from primary to secondary school, they face more challenging academic expectations. While some may view this as a cause of anxiety, it is an opportunity for students to grow and learn at a more accelerated pace with full support from the school. October School will be a perfect opportunity for your child to experience the school and be part of the classroom before deciding to enrol.

An October student will be paired with a current student who will show their way around the school and help them to make new friends. Whilst parents will have an opportunity for     Q and A with our Headteacher. To take full advantage of this time, we want students and parents to understand the importance of secondary education and what it can do for you. There will be free advice on the Personalised Pathway for the educational journey where each student is regarded as an individual where the choice of their options can be tailored to suit their needs.

FAQs such as:

What is IGCSE?

What subjects do I have to take?

What is A Level?

How to apply to a university abroad or in Thailand?

How to apply for a scholarship?

Or is it too late to join an international school when my child has been studying in another system?

and many more…

Time : 8:00 AM – 14:45 PM

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