October course

Dear Parents and Guardians

Decisions concerning a child’s education are some of the most import parents can make as these decisions will have an impact on their child throughout their school life. In Bangkok, there are numerous international schools with a variety of curriculum offerings including curriculum from the USA, Australia, Canada, Singapore, UK and the International Baccalaureate organisation based in Switzerland.

However, the majority of international schools in Bangkok offer the National Curriculum of England and Rasami British International School is one of those schools. For many years parents have chosen the National Curriculum of England as their preferred choice and  our school offers a”through programme” from Early Years to A levels. One of the best ways to help you in your decision concerning a school is to place the child in the school for a trial period- usually three to four weeks. It provides a “taste “ of the school and your child will participate in lessons throughout the day using the English National Curriculum as well as participating in sporting, musical and cultural activities. RBIS follows the Thai Ministry of Education guidelines and offers 5 lessons of Thai Language, Culture and History each week and also provides instruction in Chinese and French.

The RBIS October Course provides a wonderful opportunity for students to experience our school, interact with teachers and other students, see the available facilities and “Gain an RBIS Experience”

Over the past few years, The October Course resulted in many students joining the school at various levels from Early Years to Secondary School. Parents evaluated our school based on the experiences of the student during the course and made the import decision to admit their child into RBIS.

I encourage parents to consider this great opportunity and enrol their child in the course. Please remember that as all instruction is in English and an assessment will be made to determine if the child’s level of English will enable them to access the curriculum.

If you require any further information please use the contact details below and I  hope to meet you soon.