Life in RBIS Secondary School

Life at the secondary school is unlike any other in Bangkok; the students genuinely enjoy coming to school and are excited to learn at RBIS. We are a close-knit community where everyone knows and supports one another. This environment means that all of our students can be academically challenged on a daily basis, but they still feel confident to be active participants in the classroom without the fear of failure that students experience in bigger schools. Our students know that education at RBIS is about being independent, pro-active learners who aren’t afraid to ‘try and try again’.

For a small community school with a drive for academic progress, RBIS boasts impressive resources for students to use and experience. This includes a grass football pitch, basketball court, Badminton court and table tennis facilities.

Class Timetables

Students in our key stage three phase have a healthy mix of subjects which are spread across the week. The timetables have been designed to best fit student learning. Mornings are focused on the core subjects of English, mathematics and science, as this is the time of the day that the brain is most active. Mid-morning includes further academic subjects like ICT and the humanities. The afternoon allows for more creative subjects to be explored such as the arts and physical education. Key stage four allows for greater time in each subject, so students are able to become immersed in the subject content and have more time with their subject teachers.

The RBIS House System

The RBIS House System is designed to embody the values and ethos of our school and is an integral part of our school community.

Our Houses aim provide every student in each house with a sense of belonging within the school community, opportunities to develop social, intellectual, physical and practical skills, a sense of achievement both inside and outside of the classroom including through the fun and excitement of inter-house competitions.

Students are assigned to one of our four Houses when they join the Primary or Secondary sections of the school; entering a system which is designed to develop an awareness of individual and collective responsibility and opportunities for student leadership. Each house has two designated elected House Captains / Vice-captains (Primary and Secondary) who will act as representatives for all the students in their house throughout the year by: helping co-ordinate house teams, organise activities and events and represent their house at relevant meetings.

Four different Houses at the heart of one RBIS Home

Unicorn House embodies extreme courage, virtue and strength. The white colour of Unicorn House represents peace and sincerity.

Dragon House signifies the defense of treasure through valour.

The red colour of Dragon House represents strength and fairness.

Lion House characterizes loyalty.

The blue colour of Lion House represents truth and loyalty.

Phoenix House symbolizes resurrection and rebirth

The gold colour of Phoenix House represents generosity and elevation of the mind

Careers and Advice

Along with the academic and pastoral framework of the secondary school, we focus students on their personal pathways to university and employment. We enrol students on Fast Tomato, a careers guidance platform. Students are able to access their account at school and home and are encouraged to develop their profile during their time at school. The platform gives information and advice on various career paths and university courses; it guides students through job and university applications and our pastoral team monitor and guide our pupils toward their future.

Student Roles

Our secondary students are given opportunities to be school leaders and representatives. We  value and importance of our student voice, and believe that they should play an active role in the development of the school. We have a strong elected Student Council, in which a representative from each year group meets every two weeks to discuss the successes and development of the school. Similarly, our House system has a leadership stream in which house leaders are voted for in a democratic election. We believe that our students are the leaders of tomorrow and that every education should involve opportunities to gain life-long skills in community development.

Extra Curricular Activities

Students at the Secondary campus are offered a variety of extracurricular opportunities in academic and creative areas. We have a growing number of sports teams in Basketball, Football, table tennis and badminton who compete locally as well as hosting international tournaments. Unlike other international schools, we offer academic ECAs, for those older students who feel they need extra support or extra challenges in their GCSE and A level subjects. We also have teams that compete in national and international competitions in academic rigour such as the Tournament of Minds, Scholar’s Cup and International history and geography tournaments.

Collaborative Learning

At RBIS we are Google suite school, meaning that we use the applications and cloud services of google for teaching and learning. Using google offers students the opportunity to access and share information relating to their research and study and establishes a collaborative learning experience. Google classroom is used as a homework platform for student so that they are able to access, complete and submit work digitally. Our ongoing development with the digital software and hardware at RBIS ensures that our teaching matches the way that the modern generation learn and know the world. We make sure that our students are up to date and prepared for the digital world of work that they will enter.