Life in the Primary School

It’s the people that make RBIS Primary great.

Our students are safe, happy and positive about their learning.

Working in a fun and supportive atmosphere, students understand the expectations of their families and teachers, they enjoy school and want to be here.

The working atmosphere for the school is collaborative and clearly focused on the children, with a committed and effective teaching team recognising the needs of each individual student and seeing every part of school life seen as an opportunity to learn.

Our curriculum is broad and balanced bringing out the best in every student; but learning at RBIS goes that much further – with a concentration on both intellectual and social growth. Students develop the skills to be independent, practical and responsible for their learning; in doing so the RBIS Primary school naturally connects the nurture of our RBIS EYFS provision with the academic rigour and examination focus of the RBIS Secondary school.

RBIS Primary educates the students for the world of their future but understands that for our students the world of today is their experience and that life must be lived to the full. The greater the involvement in school life the greater the achievement both for the individual and the community. The more you give to life in school – the more you get back.

Class Timetables

Our class timetables are designed to establish a natural routine and rhythm which supports teaching and learning opportunities and priorities within the school.

We seek to provide a timetable that delivers the broad and balanced objectives of the UK curriculum, with an international perspective, in conjunction with the Thai Ministry of Education requirements for Thai national and non-national citizens.

Whilst RBIS class timetables support curriculum coverage through the efficient and effective use of our specialist teachers and rooming, we recognise that our educational provision must be tailored to the potential, progress and ability of each learner. Throughout the year there will be an element of flexibility allowing staff to respond to the needs of learners, or to the opportunities provided by special events that contribute to the overall learning experience of the class.

Class timetables prioritise the teaching and reinforcement of key English and mathematics skills on a daily basis. This approach to learning is also taken with the delivery of Thai language and culture lessons across the teaching week.

Wherever possible our afternoon teaching sessions allow for students to benefit from our creative and performing arts and to engage in sporting activities.

The RBIS House System

The RBIS House System is designed to embody the values and ethos of our school and is an integral part of our school community.

Our Houses aim provide every student in each house with a sense of belonging within the school community, opportunities to develop social, intellectual, physical and practical skills, a sense of achievement both inside and outside of the classroom including through the fun and excitement of inter-house competitions.

Students are assigned to one of our four Houses when they join the Primary or Secondary sections of the school; entering a system which is designed to develop an awareness of individual and collective responsibility and opportunities for student leadership. Each house has two designated elected House Captains / Vice-captains (Primary and Secondary) who will act as representatives for all the students in their house throughout the year by: helping co-ordinate house teams, organise activities and events and represent their house at relevant meetings.

Four different Houses at the heart of one RBIS Home

Unicorn House embodies extreme courage, virtue and strength. The white colour of Unicorn House represents peace and sincerity.

Dragon House signifies the defense of treasure through valour.

The red colour of Dragon House represents strength and fairness.

Lion House characterizes loyalty.

The blue colour of Lion House represents truth and loyalty.

Phoenix House symbolizes resurrection and rebirth

The gold colour of Phoenix House represents generosity and elevation of the mind

Roles And Responsibilities

Developing individual and collective responsibility is an important element throughout an RBIS Primary education.

In each age group we work with all of our students in developing the social skills of; being dependable so people know they can count on you, keeping one’s word and agreements, doing something to the best of one’s ability, accepting credit when you do things right and acknowledging mistakes, and being a contributing member of one’s family, community and society.

We encourage students to take responsibilities and leadership roles as;

Elected school council representatives,

Appointed school junior prefects,

Elected House captains and vice-captains,

Volunteering school librarians.

Students may take on responsibilities and leadership roles through letters of application and interview, election by their peers, or appointment at the discretion of the Head of School.

Students will be provided with a ‘job description’ for their role, training for their tasks, support and mentoring from a designated member of staff.