Kenny, Head Prefect of RBIS International School, Receives 18th Prakaipetch Award

May 10, 2023

Kenny, a remarkable young individual known for his exceptional dedication and selflessness, has been honored with the prestigious 18th Prakaipetch Award for the year 2023. This esteemed award, organized by the Culture, Sports, and Tourism Department of Bangkok, recognizes outstanding youth in the category of Youth Development. Kenny's unwavering commitment to various volunteer initiatives and his invaluable contributions to society have truly set him apart.

Throughout the years, Kenny has actively engaged in numerous activities aimed at making a positive impact on his community. One of his notable achievements was serving as an emergency volunteer for Vajira Hospital, Vajira Foundation Under The Patronage. His dedication and assistance during critical times exemplify his selfless nature and willingness to help those in need.

In 2021, Kenny also played a crucial role as a volunteer in coordinating and transporting patients infected with the coronavirus. He actively participated in the Bangkok Emergency Medical Service Center (Erawan) operated by the Medical Service Department of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. By providing support through the hotline 1669, Kenny demonstrated his commitment to public health and safety during the height of the pandemic.

Recognizing the importance of community engagement, Kenny served as a volunteer at the Covid-19 call center hotline 1330 in 2022. This initiative was a collaborative effort between Thammasat University and the National Health Security Office (NHSO). His involvement showcased his dedication to public service and his willingness to assist individuals seeking vital information and support during challenging times.

Kenny's commitment to social development and human welfare is further exemplified by his role as a Social Development and Human Security Volunteer (SDHSV) under the Department of Social Development and Welfare, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. By dedicating his time and efforts to this cause, Kenny displayed his compassion and desire to create a more inclusive and supportive society.

In addition to his volunteer work, Kenny actively promoted and facilitated the National Blood Center's blood pressure measurement project as a volunteer for The Thai Red Cross Society in 2020. His contribution to raising awareness and encouraging participation in this crucial initiative is a testament to his dedication to public health.

Notably, Kenny's generosity extended beyond his volunteer work. In 2021, he donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gowns to medical volunteers to aid in their efforts to help patients infected with the coronavirus. This act of kindness further solidifies Kenny's commitment to supporting healthcare professionals and his desire to contribute to the fight against the pandemic.

Kenny's exceptional leadership qualities have also been recognized within his school community. He held the position of Head Prefect for the academic year 2022-2023 at RBIS International School, where he showcased his ability to inspire and motivate his peers. His strong organizational skills, dedication to academic excellence, and commitment to fostering a positive learning environment made him a role model for his fellow students.

Furthermore, Kenny actively participated in training events to prepare for active shooting incidents, where he served as a medical volunteer on scene. This collaboration between the Faculty of Health Science and Technology at Navamindradhiraj University and the Royal Thai Police, known as The Hartford Consensus, aimed to enhance emergency response efforts. Kenny's involvement in this training underscores his unwavering commitment to public safety and his willingness to step up in times of crisis.

As a testament to his passion for global issues, Kenny represented RBIS International School as a student representative in the 2021 Round Square International Conference. The conference, conducted virtually and centered around the theme of "Blue Skies and Brave Conversations," provided a platform for young minds to engage in meaningful discussions on pressing global challenges.

We are immensely proud of Kenny and his achievements. Join us in congratulating him on this well-deserved recognition! The Honor Ceremony on August 19, 2023, will be a memorable moment to celebrate Kenny's dedication and outstanding contributions to our community.