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RBIS is the only international school in Bangkok to offer a tailored one-year IGCSE course. It is designed for students who would like to retake their IGCSEs or have moved overseas from another school part way through their course. The one year course is a bespoke programme that is designed to enable students to move on to the next educational step in sixth form without having to repeat the whole two-year course


What subjects do students study.

It is advisable to have IGCSEs in English and Mathematics along with one of the Science subjects. Thai students are also required to complete the Thai First Language IGCSE.

Other options include ICT, Business Studies, Geography, History, Physics, Biology, Chemistry. Mandarin, Art and Design, Photography and World Literature.


Who is Eligible
  1. Any student who is moving  from another school at the end of Year 10 is eligible to take the one year IGCSE course. Most schools will make students re-take Year 10 but at RBIS  you can continue to Year 11.

  2.  Any student who has already sat their IGCSEs and did not achieve the grades they needed to move on with their studies. It may be that you were unable to achieve any or some of the 5 IGCSE grades needed for entry to sixth form.

At RBIS we put together a programme of course to help each student achieve the grades they desire


There are three separate pathways for the One Year IGCSE
  1. Participating in the full Secondary Timetable

  2. Completing the course on Saturday mornings

  3. Competing course after school or in the evenings


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