Homeschooling Transfer to RBIS

RBIS has developed an innovative programme where prospective students can gain a taste of international school through participating in a part-time attendance.

Each child is different and the programme is designed to meet the personal needs of homeschooled students by inviting individuals to join classes for a period of transition.

The nurturing and caring atmosphere of RBIS is apparent in all areas of school life – particularly through our excellent pastoral care systems.

If a student would benefit from additional learning support during their time of transition – a range of support options are available from additional tuition sessions through to 1:1 classroom support.

Please talk to the Admissions Team or the Academic Team to discuss individual arrangements that may be made.

The Homeschooling transfer to RBIS programme operates specifically for:

  1. Middle School students (10+ years of age)
  2. IGCSE students (15 and 16 years of age)
  3. Students studying pre-University A levels and BTEC programmes (17 and 18 years of age)
  1. Middle School students (10+ years of age) Transition timetable
    Option 1. Students may attend classes for 1 day each week and will follow the secondary timetable and complete the lessons of the day prepared for students to attend.Option 2. An alternative model would be prepared for students to attend 2 lessons over 3 days or 3 lessons over two days.
  2. IGCSE Participants (15 and 16 years of age)Students have the option of attending specific subjects
    • Core Subject Mathematics (4 periods each week)
    • Core Subject English (4 periods each week)

    Students may choose from one or more the following subjects: (3 periods each week)

    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Art
    • Humanities
    • Photography
    • Media Studies
    • Business Studies

    Please note for IGCSE, 5 subjects per week is regarded as full-time study

  3. A level Programme / BTEC Studies Programme
    Study of three subjects is regarded as full-time A level ‘pre-University’ study. RBIS will work with individual students to prepare a course of subjects that meet the needs of studentsOur RBIS Academic Counsellor will consult with families and individuals to provide expert advice on planning for university entrance in Thailand and/or International Universitieså